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  1. ZeeZ

    Screw In Light Fixtures

    Let's have a lighting discussion for those of us who still have the old screw-in type of light fixtures for our tanks. With CFLs slowly going out of use and LEDs increasing in use, which options would be best to grow plants with? Recently Amazon stopped stocking the GE Lighting 14-Watt...
  2. ZeeZ

    An Experimental Tank

    I decided to try an experiment: Dry starting a 20 Long and keeping two different color sand separated in addition to creating an Iwagumi-inspired aquascape. I filled filter media bags with sand and gravel to raise the back corner in addition to pieces of corrugated plastic to act as retaining...
  3. ZeeZ

    Unknown Worm In New Plants

    I bought Monte Carlo off a seller on Facebook a few days ago but I hadn't gotten around to planting it yet because of the aquascaping I'm doing. While I was sleeping, my roommate noticed something moving inside the Ziploc bag and found two worms. This one and a smaller one. There may be more...
  4. ZeeZ

    Aquatop Hob Filter

    I'm setting up a new 20 Long tank that's KINDA iwagumi-inspired and I've always liked the look of those clear filters I see all the time on nano tanks. Chewy has a HOB that's kinda similar to that look and I've heard AquaTop is a decent brand. Only thing is, this one that I'm looking at has a...
  5. ZeeZ

    New Shrimp Dying Off

    A friend of mine ordered some Sakura Orange neos but she wasn't ready for them yet so she asked me to hold them for her while her tank cycles. The seller is Aquatic Arts and they're having a moving sale so that's why she and I decided to buy some. I got Sapphire Blues and Sakura Yellows. The...
  6. ZeeZ

    Thrive Vs Flourish

    I've been told that Thrive is better than Flourish Comprehensive. Is this true? I have a bottle of Flourish that's pretty old, about 7ish years old but I haven't used it up yet. If I went with Thrive, what about Excel? Do I use it in addition to Thrive or does Thrive already have it included...
  7. ZeeZ

    Zeez's Clock Tank

    I've had this Fish Clock tank for years sitting in the dark in my closet. I finally decided to do something about it and turn it into a Naturally Planted Tank with no filters, just dirt, sand, plants and a light. Recently I discovered a small website that sold small LED lights, perfect for what...
  8. ZeeZ

    What's In Your Name?

    Since I haven't been on here in years, I see a TON of new names (to me, that is). So I figured I'd try and meet some of you. How did you come up with your name? I'll start. ZeeZ is a combination of names since my Chocolate Labrador is named Zee and she was named after my old 1991 Nissan...
  9. ZeeZ

    Zeez's Beverage Dispenser Tank

    Hello! A few of you may remember my old blog from years and years and years (actually, just 2012-2013) ago. Most of you won't know me so I'll start from the beginning. In 2010 I got a gift certificate. From who, I have no idea. It simply suddenly showed up on my Amazon account so I used it to...
  10. ZeeZ

    Smallest Plant Light Available?

    It's been a few years since I last actively kept aquariums so I am behind on a LOT of trends. I'm seeing all sorts of new names for equipment, especially lighting. LEDs have come a really long way since 2013. I remember when Finnex was an expensive high-end company but now they're just another...
  11. ZeeZ

    Return Of An Old Member

    Yo! I've been through a period of bad times and lost interest in aquarium keeping but I'm ready to jump back in, starting with a 10 gal Red Cherry shrimp tank and two 5 gallon tanks. One of which is a betta tank. I'm hoping to start breeding shrimp soon again. Are any of the old members...
  12. ZeeZ

    Want To Sell FS/FT: Yellow Shrimp and Plants

    Shipping is separate. Heat packs are $3 each. This coming week is supposed to be above 60 degrees so I won't be using a heat pack until it's below 60 degrees. Yellow shrimp: $2 per juvenile, $2.50 per adult. 10 Juvies would be $20, 15 Juvies are $30, 20 Juvies are $40, etc. Also...
  13. ZeeZ

    Want To Sell Yellow Shrimp/Snails/Plants

    You have to have 50 posts in order to buy these. Yellow Shrimp at $2 for juveniles. $3 for fully grown adults. Only 20 Adults available. Their colors range from a very light yellow to this deep yellow. I sell in groups from 10 to 20. Much more is available upon request. 10 would be $20 and...
  14. ZeeZ

    Shrimp and Plants!

    Must have 50 posts. Plants for sale: Hygrophila corymbosa - 5 smalls available. $3.50 each Jungle Val - $2 each Dwarf Chain Swords - $1 each Round Pellia - Small Quantities - $2.50 Taiwan Moss - Small Quantities - $2.50 Java Moss - Small Quantities - $2.00 Hydrocytcle Triparitia - $2.50...
  15. ZeeZ

    Fish Using Sign Language

    Pretty neat!
  16. ZeeZ

    African American Gecko

    Just wanted to share a few snapshots I took of one of my African Fat Tailed Gecko, Kahula. I like to call him and his mate, Dusky, my African American Geckos. The last three were taken in the small forest out behind my apartment building. That's a real tree with a real ivy vines with real...
  17. ZeeZ

    Rubik's Cube's Mantis Shrimp

    Figured you guys would enjoy this bit of creative editing of a Mantis Shrimp "solving" a Rubik's Cube.
  18. ZeeZ

    An Embarassing RAOK

    Ok, folks, time for another RAOK from kindly Mr. ZeeZ! This time it's Hydrocotyle Tripartita that I'm offering since they're growing well for me. They can survive in low light but do much better in medium lighting. They grow on runners and tend to grow up towards the light if they're not...
  19. ZeeZ

    Plant ID: Foxtail?

    I THINK this is Foxtail, but I'm not certain. It kind of looks like Green Cabomba but it's more compact and the needles are shorter. image
  20. ZeeZ

    Why Can't I Grow Banana Plants?

    My banana plants are both looking very pathetic. The "banana" part has turned brown and the one leaf left is pitiful and decayed. The other stalks are just... stalks. No leaves with the end decayed. I can't understand it. My lighting is around low-medium. Do they require ferts or...

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