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    How long do I have

    Basically, my tanks started leaking last night. Bit of a mess really. So today ive emptied and siliconed it back up. Leaving my beloved fish in 2 builders buckets (which i use only.) Both have a filter stuck to the side lol, but i just wodnered if the fish are going to last in buckets
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    Lost my first fish today

    everything has been going well, tank cycled and tested using API. And now ive lost a panda corydoras :-(. Not sure of the problem, cant be the water conditions. A guppy has nipped the poor things fins to the bone, my other panda has nice long tail and dorsal fins, this one has a couple of...
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    Ill panda????? HELP???

    Ok ive had a 2 pandas for about 4 weeks, theyve been fine up until now. This morning the smaller of the pair was a grey colour, as apposed to its normal light amber colour, its fins were flat down and retracted and it was just led on the bottom not doing anything. Its still breathing etc but...
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    10 Gallon Tank Long stringy poo?

    Is it normal for a guppies poo to be hanging out by about 5 mm!! Water parameters are all good, only thing that is slightly out is ph @7.5. Could this effect them. Im feeding them King british tropical fish food flakes
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    10 Gallon Tank Newbie first attempt

    Heres my first tank setup only little but i think ive caught the bug. Got some guppies, danios, corydoras and a couple of shrimp. My first design looked a lil childish/girly so I went for a more natural design. The corys seem to love the sand and are rooting around. Can anyone identify the...
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    10 Gallon Tank Stock and compatibility?

    Hey all, im new to the aquarium scene and just need some help with stocking my tank. Ive got a 10 gallon tank with 4 zebra danio's and 4 male guppies. How many more fish can i have? I really dont want to overstock the tank. Ive been looking at cory's @ my LFS and they seem cool. Ive read they need to...
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    Help Is my filter broken, what to do.

    Hey all, me and my gf are new to the wonderful world of fish keeping. We bought a second hand job lot out the trade-it which was fine. But all of a sudden are filter has drastically reduced the volume of water it is processing (after gf fully submerged the filter...) Ive checked all the typical...

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