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  1. Abhilash Pradhan

    Can I Keep A Pair Of Dwarf Gourami With Tetras

    Thank you all for the valuable advice. I got a single DG two days back and it's doing pretty good. Looks awesome with the tetras and the plants, adding more color and activity to the tank.
  2. Abhilash Pradhan

    Can I Keep A Pair Of Dwarf Gourami With Tetras

    I have a canister filter. And I'm already changing about 40% water every week. I don't necessarily want to put a pair of dwarf gourami. But I don't know if dwarf gourami can be kept on its own. I don't want to overstock my tank. So if keeping a single DG is fine, then that's awesome. I had no...
  3. Abhilash Pradhan

    Can I Keep A Pair Of Dwarf Gourami With Tetras

    I have a 15 US gallon moderately planted tank. I have 6 cardinal and 8 neon tetras along with 2 mystery snails. Can I keep a pair of dwarf gourami? I don't want them to breed but not sure if two males can be put together. I'm also thinking maybe having a pair of dwarf gourami will overstock the...
  4. Abhilash Pradhan

    How many blue/opaline gourami can I keep?

    I see. Thanks for your help.I moved my Iridescent sharks to a 55 gallon tank. I'll move my rainbow shark too.Then may be I'll add gourami with the tiger barbs.
  5. Abhilash Pradhan

    How many blue/opaline gourami can I keep?

    My tank dimensions are 2'6" long, 1' wide and 1'6" height
  6. Abhilash Pradhan

    How many blue/opaline gourami can I keep?

    I have a 30 gallon tank with a rainbow shark and 8 tiger barbs. I want to add some blue/opaline gourami. How many gourami can I add to my tank? My rainbow shark is very aggressive. He has killed 4 of its tank mates before. I added the barbs about one week ago. He chases tiger barbs a lot but I...
  7. Abhilash Pradhan


    a few more!!
  8. Abhilash Pradhan

    Hobby or not?

    definitely a hobby I wrote so in my resume my interviewer was curious about it
  9. Abhilash Pradhan


    You r alone in a boat in the middle of a vast sea and you hav 2 cigars..but no r u goin to smoke a cigar?? Method no.1 throw one of 'em in the the boat will bcom LIGHTER.. now use the LIGHTER !!! Method no.2 throw one cigar in air and catch it,,so..CATCHES WIN...
  10. Abhilash Pradhan

    Worst experience ever?

    I'm sorry about your predicament, but I just laughed like a hyena after reading those lines. My worst experience was when I found my sailfin pleco dead and buried under a rock. I still have no clue how it got there, but the way it felt when he suddenly vanished and didn't turn up for an entire...
  11. Abhilash Pradhan

    How wierd are you?

    wierd....hmmmm.... oh sorry! what!!
  12. Abhilash Pradhan

    Rescaped hillstream tank

    What I've read so far, the white slime on driftwood is very common and harmless. It's supposedly some bacteria eating stuff off your driftwood. It will go away on its own (takes about a month or so) or you can try taking out the piece of wood and scrub the slime off, but it's most likely to come...
  13. Abhilash Pradhan

    Happy Halloween!

    Littlebudda great costumes little batman is just so cute!!
  14. Abhilash Pradhan

    Rescaped hillstream tank

  15. Abhilash Pradhan

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween Ken! Happy Halloween everyone!
  16. Abhilash Pradhan

    How many barbs can I keep in my tank?

    TexasDomer I'm getting somewhat conflicting information about the aggressiveness of the tiger barbs. Some say they get along well with tetras and some say they don't. Some say tigers won't bother others when kept in large school of more than 6 and still some say that large school too will nip...
  17. Abhilash Pradhan

    New guy!

    your tank looks beautiful. having two plecos might be a problem. I had two sailfins and it didn't end well for the smaller one.
  18. Abhilash Pradhan

    Question tiger barbs fighting or mating

    yeah it seems like a mating ritual but I thought tiger barbs do well in schools of 6-8 or more?
  19. Abhilash Pradhan

    20 Gallon Community Tank Ideas?

    I think cardinal tetras will be perfect for a eye catching tank. You can also keep tiger barbs or golden barbs or checker barbs. Just make sure to do some compatibility research before putting different types of fishes together.
  20. Abhilash Pradhan

    Hello Everyone!

    your tank looks nice but it is overstocked like others said. I've started fish keeping recently as well and understand the compulsion for having many fishes, but you have to think about the fishes first. Also keep a watch on your fish sucking others. Like Shortfuuzze said some fishes suck the...

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