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    29 Gallon Tank Ammonia Spikes

    Alright so my aquarium keeps having ammonia spikes. I dont know why. Can a cycled tank just stop being cycled? I havent really seen any significant levels of nitrates anymore which makes no sense. I only see the ammonia for the most part. I had to do a significant water change last night to get...
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    Fat, Constipated, Or Dropsy?

    I second this, how much are you feeding and how often?
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    Important Things You Wish They Told You Before It Happened.

    Mr clean makes sponges with soaps in them for dishes and showers. They have plain ones too, they dont create suds.
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    Help Can Anyone Id This Snail??

    In order for you to be sure it is a rabbit snail you need to observe it while it is moving about in the water. If its has a "hop" to it and it seems to be dragging his shell kind of its defiitely a rabbit snail. However if it is holding its shell above the surface its probably some type of pest...
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    Help Ill Fish

    Is that the type of medicine i should use?
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    Help Ill Fish

    So i have 5 or 6 glofish tetras with a bacterial infection, i say 5 or 6 because im not sure if all of them have it. I have been treating them with artemiss for approximately 14 days now. I do 50% waterchanges every other day. I was curious if theres anything else you guys would try. The...
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    Important Saltwater Algae? Fungus? Idk

    Im putting it in this reply too. It shows up that its posted for me but we'll try it again!
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    Important Saltwater Algae? Fungus? Idk

    Does anyone know what the white spiral looking stuff is in my tank?
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    Help Worms? On My Snail

    I just wanted to do a little update. Im not entirely sure if these things are related but i honestly haven't seen any other signs. I looked in my tank today and saw the tiniest little rabbit snail. Only one. I think maybe those worm looking things were baby snails. I vaccuumed them all out but...
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    Help Worms? On My Snail

    I believe you're right. I'm gonna do that!
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    Help Worms? On My Snail

    Thats what i believed they were, but now im starting to think they arent. They dont move around at all. I took as much of it out of my tank as i could with a net and gravel vaccd the rest. Also my snail seems fine. So I'm honestly confused i just wanna know what it is.
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    Help Worms? On My Snail

    I have a rabbit snail and i came home from work one day and saw this. I flipped out and immediately took him out of the tank. As soon as i grabbed the little guy the big bunch of worm like things came off. I put my snail in a quarantine tank and he seems to be doing alright. I looked at his skin...

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