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  1. RobinIsACattto

    Need Recommendations For Timer

    Alright, found this one that works with my model. However, it says it’s a dimmer...will it still function as a timer or should I look into something else?
  2. RobinIsACattto

    Need Recommendations For Timer

    Hello! Long time no post on here....anyways, I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m sucking it up and buying a timer. I have a 20” Beamswork light. Suggestions?
  3. RobinIsACattto

    Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

    You really should look into providing more bedding. 6" is a bare minimum; you'll want to shoot for 8" for dwarfs and 12" for Syrians. I'm really not liking the look of the Favola. It just seems really small for the price. Is there any way you could return the cage and do a 40g instead? Tanks...
  4. RobinIsACattto


    Not a stocking expert, but do keep in mind otos and corys are schooling fish and should be kept in groups of at least 6. As for plants, that would depend on the tech of your tank. What lights are you planning on using? Ferts? CO2?
  5. RobinIsACattto

    Noob, Need Ideas

    A 10g for $50? Holy cow I got my 10g for $15 at Petco and it wasn't even on sale! I think the 20g is usually about $30? Maybe for a starter kit it would cost that much but wow.
  6. RobinIsACattto

    Can I Add Stones To My Aquarium? What About Glue?

    The rocks may be ok. I would soak them in vinegar water for a few days then soak them in water for as long as possible (basically until they don't smell like vinegar) to sanitize them. Be sure to change the water out every few hours. As for the rocks themselves be sure they won't mess up your...
  7. RobinIsACattto

    Noob, Need Ideas

    I myself wouldn't add anything to this tank, but keep in mind platys should be kept in same-sex groups. If it were me I would get another 5g to put the betta in and get a few more male platys for the 10g. I know getting a new tank is expensive and whatnot, but it's either that or return the...
  8. RobinIsACattto

    Water Help!

    I wouldn't change out the media unless it looks really nasty, in which case, only remove one piece of the filter (ex just the sponge) so your cycle doesn't collapse. I rinse out my media every time/every other time I change the water out in dirty water.
  9. RobinIsACattto

    Stocking Q's

    I personally just have a single betta in a tank about that size and I really like it as is. He has a lot of space and uses every inch of it I feel adding in more (especially a schooling fish that need to be in groups of six or more) would be crowding it a bit but could work if you really...
  10. RobinIsACattto

    Is Omega One Betta Buffet Good?

    Just as an update (I guess? I dunno why this came back to life lol) he's doing really well on Omega One. Very happy to eat it; I've had no pickiness issues.
  11. RobinIsACattto

    Basic Hamster Care Sheet

    Yeah, I'm actually going to be getting a bowl for my next ham to try out The more and more I read about them the more and more appealing they sound.
  12. RobinIsACattto

    Question Low Nitrates

    I believe the nitrate bottle reads like that if it isn't shaken well enough... how hard did you shake bottle 2? I wouldn't think your cycle collapsed unless you don't have a filter... As for your plants, what do you have? I mean, ferts are great for any plant (I use ThriveC and my hornwort is...
  13. RobinIsACattto

    Question Fishless Cycle Almost There

    I would keep adding ammonia every time it goes down to 0.25-0 so your BB stays fed. Sounds like you're very close, though! Best of luck!
  14. RobinIsACattto

    10 Gallon Tank My Cycling/betta Journey

    Sorry I haven't posted on here in a bit! Here's my boy. His name is Prism; we're working on the whole fin rot thing atm. I'm trying my hardest but cant find the cause for the life of me lol. Hornwort's got a little out of control lol; I'll have to cut that back a bit then.
  15. RobinIsACattto

    Question Question About Stability

    Alright, what you're looking for is no ammonia or nitrites and around 10-20ppm of nitrates. I'd start by dosing your tank to around 4ppm of ammonia and letting it go from there. The tank will sort itself out on its own, but you should check it's progress every day to see if you need to add more...
  16. RobinIsACattto

    Question Question About Stability

    I mean, my bottle cycled me in a month, so maybe it's a little iffy? Just saying I had no issues whatsoever. Edit: reading your results, I don't think anyone will be dumping cow manure in their tank to cycle it in a week... just saying, there are better options if you don't have access to a...
  17. RobinIsACattto

    Question Question About Stability

    1.) Wait until the cycling has finished if you want a fishless cycle 2.) Yes, I'd say until the tank is cycled 3.) You should already be using water conditioner as the chlorine in tap water, which kills off bacteria, will kill any bacteria you add, defeating the purpose of adding in BB like...
  18. RobinIsACattto

    Why Am I Getting So Many Pests?

    What are some plants that would be fast growing?
  19. RobinIsACattto

    Why Am I Getting So Many Pests?

    Hi! So, here was what the tanks stocking was supposed to be: 1 betta Hortwort Crypt. spiralis Anubias nanas Anubias lanceolata Ludwigia Here it is now: (All of the above) Pond snails Detrius worms Hair algae Green algae Driftwood fungus (which, I know can't be fixed) Only half a caudal fin...
  20. RobinIsACattto

    Found A Snail In My Tank?

    Oh.... whoops. I have a bit of a hair algae problem atm. But, I mean, collecting up snails hasn't been as bad as trying to get the algae, so maybe it's better? Are there any issues with overpopulation other than the ugly and bioload factors?

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