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  1. Ken Ooi

    Does Blue Uv Light Help Fish Feel Calm?

    This question was answered on the fish lore site you posed the question. Search under blue moonlights.
  2. Ken Ooi

    What Shrimp To Buy?

    I started with 5 RCS, then 3 died. Put in another 5 more. Bred to about 30 - 40. Now maybe 20 left in the tank. Some bodies I found but don’t know why they perished. I have no fish in the tank.
  3. Ken Ooi

    What Shrimp To Buy?

    I have a shrimp only tank in a 12 gallon but I wouldn’t say I have a shrimp population explosion. When water parameters drop their numbers shrink very fast too. They won’t be like live bearer fish where numbers could lead to high Ammonia deaths. Look at mine, wouldn’t call this as over populated.
  4. Ken Ooi

    Shrimp Mates For Bettas

    He is curious but doesn’t harm them. You might be lucky having one that’s friendly or one that will treat shrimp as food
  5. Ken Ooi

    Concerned About My Crayfish

    Maybe the mounting is causing itching? As it starts to peel off it tries to find an abrasive object to pull the shell off
  6. Ken Ooi

    Shrimp Mates For Bettas

    This is a picture of my Betta with all my Shrimps. He doesn’t attack or eat shrimp. He eats his own floating pellet food.
  7. Ken Ooi

    Do Shrimp Need Algae Wafers?

    Give Hikari Shrimp Cuisine- that’s is all
  8. Ken Ooi

    Question How Is This Not Overstocked ???

    If you overstock a tank, you have to put a lot of effort with water changes and maintenance and detracts from the fun of fish keeping. You spend more time cleaning than sitting to enjoy the fish. I took videos of my burgeoning highly over stocked tank and enjoyed them. Now 2 years later I have...
  9. Ken Ooi

    My First Experience Of Shrimp Moulting

    I just get the Benabachi products or the Bee balls which have calcium grounded to fine dust and spread on the water column. I have test kits but I’m too lazy to test my water parameters until someone thing disastrous happens. I don’t think I needed a test kit at all unless you have issues that...
  10. Ken Ooi

    Just Dislodged A Massive Root Tab

    Mine looks just like yours after a gravel vacuum and water change. If you have a filter running it will clear within the hour. If you don’t it could last a day as small particles aren’t pulled in by the filtration system. If your substrate is soil then tough luck cause you don’t vacuum soil...
  11. Ken Ooi

    Will Hiding Ever Stop?

    Mine doesn’t hide anymore. That’s her after she fell ill.
  12. Ken Ooi

    Why Did My Neon Tetra Die? (pictures)

    The water parameters are not far off. It would be impossible to work out why it died. There’s no visible signs of white spot disease or damaged fins. It might have picked up some infection since there was some problem with his fish bladder. Just accept that as part of Fish keeping.
  13. Ken Ooi

    My Shrimps Are Hiding All The Time

    46 gallons tank? That’s a lot of shrimp you can grow. You need to be wary and test regularly as any adverse changes can wipe out everything in one strike. But it’s always good animal husbandry to have a separate tank going in case things do happen. Even in the real world of animal farming...
  14. Ken Ooi

    My Shrimps Are Hiding All The Time

    My tank is 14.7L it’s tall than wide but has 46 LED lamps for plant growth. I bred them in that tank and there’s probably about 50 odd ones in there. RCS Cherry, Tiger Shrimp, Black Bee shrimp and Golden Bee shrimps. I used to have Red Crystal Shrimp but lost them all.
  15. Ken Ooi

    My Shrimps Are Hiding All The Time

    I can’t believe your photos are so razor sharp. Taken from an SLR or mobile phone? Here my Shrimp. They usually all appear when I drop in food. I only give them Hikari Shrimp delight pellets.
  16. Ken Ooi

    I Need An Intervention

    Just stay away from Fish shops the temptation is too great.
  17. Ken Ooi

    Plants For Shrimp

    I started my off-shoot Shrimp tank with rock and gravel and some Anurbis Nana. If you have driftwood it would be fine. If you have a sponge filter from another established tank this could help the process. I usually avoid fish and Shrimp in the same tank but just monitor the situation and remove...
  18. Ken Ooi

    Cleaning Used Aquarium

    To clean germs usually it has to be at boiling point which isn't good for glass as it cracks. Some people say hydrogen peroxide works. Well, try that instead.
  19. Ken Ooi

    Cleaning Used Aquarium

    Hot water? Make sure it's not boiling water cause the glass in mine cracked.

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