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  1. Nart

    Question Refugium lights

    Yeah - I tested the PAR output on the PAR38 bulbs before, they are crazy strong. If you can spare the money, look into AI Prime HDs right now, the older generation are on sale for 20% off on MarineDepot and etc...
  2. Nart

    Question Refugium lights

    oh yeah - most definitely. the PAR38 bulb actually puts out a lot of light (PAR) keep it well above 17-20" from the water surface. it's a very direct light output, meaning the light spread is only about 6" in diameter. any corals outside that radius will not receive much lighting because of how...
  3. Nart

    Bubble Algae Continuous Issue

    @Asomeone After you're done with the emeralds helping you clean your tank and rid it of algae. You can catch them out and give them back to the LFS or try to sell em for a few bucks locally. I usually just give them off to a friend that needs em and give them back to my LFS after I'm done. I...
  4. Nart

    My Red Sea Nano.

    that's some serious fire G... love the off/on pic side by side
  5. Nart

    Bubble Algae Continuous Issue

    So a few things. With your nitrates being around 2PPM and Phosphates around 0.25 PPM that means too much nutrients is going into your tank or phosphates leeching from rocks. But I think in your case it's due to overfeeding. I would stop feeding the corals entirely. The corals you're keeping are...
  6. Nart

    How Long Until Ammonia Rises? Saltwater Tank

    if you bought live rocks from your LFS - it should be already cycled. Live rocks that's been in their big vats are typically matured and already growing beneficial bacteria. As for the API color charts, it is the same. I personally don't think you're actually seeing 0.5 PPM of Ammonia. If you...
  7. Nart

    Double Check My Stocking

    Looks good to me! Especially your nitrates. What test kit are you using?
  8. Nart

    How Long Until Ammonia Rises? Saltwater Tank

    The API test kits for FW and SW are the same. There's no difference for the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate test kits. A pinch of flake food in a 40G tank in less than 2 weeks probably does not have enough nutrients broken down yet to trigger a spike in ammonia. You can try adding more food, for...
  9. Nart

    Api Stress Coat

    The science behind this stuff works. Your LFS just had their way in bagging a fish for you to take home to reduce the chance of stress and possible ich. I personally wouldn't dose the API stress coat in your tank. Typically for introducing new fish in your tank you should have the lights off to...
  10. Nart

    Help Dino Nightmare!

    Phosphates at 2PPM?? that's a lot. I anything above 0.2 PPM to be high, my tanks phosphate is currently around 0.15PPM. What phosphate test kit are you using?
  11. Nart

    Using Di Resin To 'finish' Store Ro Water?

    8-10 hours of your lights being on is perfectly fine. My lights come on at 10:30AM and goes off at 8:30PM. I have 2 hours of ramp up and 2 hours of ramp down time. No algae issues. What contributes to 'bad' algae issues in a tank, more or less is highly dependent on an imbalance of nutrients. If...
  12. Nart

    Help Dino Nightmare!

    whats your nitrates and phosphates at? looks like you have an imbalance of nutrients. also, were your rocks cured prior? could be leaching nutrients.
  13. Nart

    Show Off Your Reef Tank!

    That's some fire @grantm91 Here's one I'd like to share that I'll be posting up on my IG today. The storm duo... love love love these two.
  14. Nart

    First Saltwater Aquarium

    Definitely follow him. He's a pretty cool cat.
  15. Nart

    First Saltwater Aquarium

    Also, youtube InappropriateReefer's 10g setup. I think he did that whole setup under $200 or something.
  16. Nart

    Question Bta Being Really Annoying

    That's part of the fun in reefing with an anemone I wouldn't worry too much about your Hollywood stunner chalice, they grow like weed. you can always just break off the living piece and glue it elsewhere. The chalice will grow again. Beautiful looking nem!
  17. Nart

    Is It Worth It?

    100% worth it starting a saltwater tank
  18. Nart

    Stella And Jo's Gecko & Terrariums

    Hey @stella1979 I just re-read through some of your posts on this thread. For taming Ducky or just getting her more used to being handled. I pretty much started gently catching her out of the enclosure, 2 weeks after getting her. Since then, I catch her out every other night and sometimes in...
  19. Nart

    Crested Gecko Feeders

    @BReefer97 Ketchup is so darn cute!
  20. Nart

    Crested Gecko Feeders

    @stella1979 i just read through both the moon valley article and I get it now. In short, if you're feeding any feeders, you should mix-in/supplement calcium as well. Will be getting some calcium powder after work! Thanks a lot M. Thoroughly enjoy our discussions

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