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  1. Vaughn

    What Baby Fish Is This?! Help!!

    To me they look like livebearers so I vote either guppies, mollies or platies but I’m no expert. Hopefully someone who knows more can chime in. Theyre cute though!
  2. Vaughn

    I’m Too Impatient!!!

    As long as she has plenty of hiding places and good water quality don’t worry. She’ll drop them when she’s ready and leaving the lights off could help her with stress and feeling more secure. Hovering around the tank constantly checking in on her could also make her nervous so try to leave her...
  3. Vaughn

    Question Betta Bed Placement?

    I’d put it in the corner just under the surface line in a spot where the current isn’t strong. That way your betta can take a nice nap without having to swim more than a few centimeters to get some air and won’t get blown out of the hammock
  4. Vaughn

    Bettas In Md Need Homes

    I could meet you halfway if you’d like but if not that’s cool I understand
  5. Vaughn

    Bettas In Md Need Homes

    I’m in darlington
  6. Vaughn

    Bettas In Md Need Homes

    I will not ship these guys due to the heat. I’m not comfortable with it and my post office probably won’t allow it because they know I’m usually shipping fish when I stop in. I have a few bettas that I’ll need to rehome pretty quickly since we have to move. You’ll have to meet me in the Harford...
  7. Vaughn

    Nitrates Lower Than The Tap

    If the tests are accurate then your plants and/or denitrifying bacteria are healthy and doing their job
  8. Vaughn

    Bettas For Sale

    Ahh never mind I just downloaded the app and I can see the pictures now. It’s the fourth picture on the post haha do you have more pictures of the one on top?
  9. Vaughn

    Bettas For Sale

    Had to do some snooping around to see some grainy tiny images since I can’t see them on the post but I like the two light ones in the first picture, could you post them again as thumbnails or pm me some pictures of them so I can get a better look?
  10. Vaughn

    Question My Fry Stopped Growing

    I’d say it’s pretty simple. There’s a bunch of diy guides on here and videos on YouTube of how to make a hatchery with a soda bottle and air pump. You can get eggs/cysts online pretty cheap just make sure you take out what you need and freeze the rest so they don’t get stale. I’ve wasted a good...
  11. Vaughn

    20 Gallon Tank Betta Grow Out Tank Build

    I’ve heard of people doing the same thing with big storage totes and making a bunch of little apartments for them and having a heater on each end and a few sponge filters scattered through it. It’s not as pretty as a tank but you’d probably have more room per section or room for more sections...
  12. Vaughn

    Question My Fry Stopped Growing

    There’s “stuff” in the water that doesn’t show up on test kits like hormones and dissolved solids. How often and what percentage do you usually do your changes? Most fry put out a growth inhibiting hormone to stunt other fry and that’s the main reason people recommend really frequent water...
  13. Vaughn

    Dumbo Gene Help? Here’s the link to the post!
  14. Vaughn

    Dumbo Gene Help?

    So I was snooping around and found user socal_bettas on Instagram was able to get the marble gene onto a dumbo betta and claims it’s the first of its kind. Probably the first documented at least but now that I’ve seen one I’m hoping I can recreate it. It probably doesn’t qualify as a good dumbo...
  15. Vaughn

    Question Safe And Easy Travel Guide

    Make sure you fast them a day before the trip so they don’t poop in the bag and have ammonia spikes
  16. Vaughn

    Help Needed With New Glofish Tank

    Keep adding stability daily since that is the bacteria you’re trying to colonize. I’d say keep using the regulator so you don’t have a ph swing as those are stressful and could kill the fish. How is the little guy holding up?
  17. Vaughn

    Dumbo Gene Help?

    Are there certain colors the dumbo gene only works with? It’s hard to find dumbos that aren’t red or yellow butterfly or solid white but I can’t find any research that says those are the only colors they’ll come in. I want to attempt to get the galaxy pattern onto a dumbo betta. I have a male...
  18. Vaughn

    Free Fancy Goldfish & Betta To New Homes

    Do you still have the goldfish? It’s a two hour drive to Hagerstown so I can’t give you a definite yes or no until I talk to my dad but I might be able to take him. I’m not allowed to drive that far by myself haha but I can put him in my 40 breeder with my other goldfish and eventually I’m...
  19. Vaughn

    Hmpk Bettas In Md

    I do have some females left. Most of them are purple but I also have a few that are a darker blue/black color

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