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  1. Ms rose

    Trins Tropicl Fish

    it went GREAT!! i will be ordering more. thanx for reminding me to update here lol. all went amazing and everything was perfect. i did notice she ships very young fish and such. im cool with it though, can watch them grow!
  2. Ms rose

    White Worms Or Bugs On Filter?

    they look very similar to detritus worms to me. i wouldnt worry about it. espeially now that the fish ate themall haha
  3. Ms rose

    Adf Has Some Kind Of Fungus?

    im not sure this is the right person to tag but i think i am correct @bizaliz3 , are you the 1 with these type frogs? this doesnt look good at all. i have 2 adf and have never seen this. i know @Gypsy13 is a great fish healer but not so sure she is versed in frog healing. but ill tag her...
  4. Ms rose

    Nemo Tank - Possible?

    33(?) walibee way sydney, to be exct hahaha
  5. Ms rose

    Save $ With Your Api Test Kit

    wow, you are something! but im going to exit here. thanx for the info, but you are very rude for sure
  6. Ms rose

    Look What I Got For Free

    the $1 a gallon sale? when EXACTLY???!! lol i NEED to know lol
  7. Ms rose

    Comment by 'Ms rose' in media 'paludarium'

    this is so so coool. very nice job
  8. Ms rose

    Mystery Snail Clutch Journal

    all this time, i just threw mine away yesterday. so have have 2 new ones. 1 is incubated (which i dont have high hopes for because i incubated the others to no avail) and 1 where mom laid it in my tank. so we will c
  9. Ms rose

    Baby Snail

    i agree with @Mifuluhu its an asset and will be fine as long as you dont overfeed
  10. Ms rose

    Hob Not Starting After Water Change

    some filters 'prime" (suck water to start) by themself, but most need to be "primed" befor they will start. i have one self and one manual prime hob. its normal
  11. Ms rose

    Tiny White Critters.

  12. Ms rose

    Ammonia Levels In Fishless Cycle

    a 10 can def handle a betta and snail. congrats
  13. Ms rose

    Avatar Themed Build!!!

    some people say no, but IME/IMO if done right (via boiling and treating inn heat for long period of time) you can do that. i always make sure its a hard wood and then dig my finger nail into it. if my nail goes in with ease then its a no go. but if it doesnt i take home and start treating. i...
  14. Ms rose

    How Did I Spend So Much $??

    haha mine is next to a tjs as well lol
  15. Ms rose

    Avatar Themed Build!!!

    i have a bunch of those in my snail tank
  16. Ms rose

    Avatar Themed Build!!!

    check out youtube guy by the name aquapros. he did an avitar (daytime)theme and it was awesome. could find some inspo from there
  17. Ms rose

    How Did I Spend So Much $??

    hahahahah man o man i am with you. i have spent over $1000 on the 4, yes i said, 4, tanks i have now. and it just keeps getting higher n higher as i fill and plant and get better suppies exc... so in conclution i cant help you do this cheap but i did get a good laugh from your story. thanx for...
  18. Ms rose

    What Websites Do You Order Fish From?

    trins tropical fish is great.
  19. Ms rose

    Help!! Salawasi Rabbit Snail Is Climbing Out

    thank you for responding. i do have a fort knox hood lol. i ended up just going back down. ibeen watchig it and his foot does seem slightly irritated but who really knows, this is my first rabbit. however i do own lots of mysteries and also ramshorns and mts's. ill just keep a close eye for a...
  20. Ms rose

    Help!! Salawasi Rabbit Snail Is Climbing Out

    i just recved my order from trins a few hours ago. in that order was a rabbit snail and other things. so i acclimated the snail ( did big water change befor i got package) and added the snail to his 20 gallon tank. water perams are ph:7.2/ ammonia:0/ nitrite:0/ nitrate:10. i have added a pic...

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