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  1. FishyFan2018

    Corydoras Id Help Please!!

    Got these thinking they were pandas and they are so not pandas so need to know what kind they are so they can go in the proper tank. The one I know was definitely not a panda but looked so different than any I saw before I got it anyways (yes I know bad bad but figured better off with me where I...
  2. FishyFan2018

    Cory Eggs Gone

    We recently noticed Cory eggs on our tank wall and believe our bronze and albino to be the culprit. But the next morning the eggs were all gone. I read that the parents will eat the eggs. Is there a way to prevent this without having to put parents in a breeder and take them out after they spawn?
  3. FishyFan2018

    New Plecos!!

    I recently purchased 3 new addictions to my plecos and a much bigger tank yay!!!! My aquarium guy had a gold nugget, a snowball, and a false zebra!!!! I got him to hold them for me while I went and bought a new home and cycled it. I used cycle booster and water from one of my year old tanks to...
  4. FishyFan2018

    Help What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pest Snail Infestation???!!!

    I have a major pest snail infestation and it's taking over my tank. I can't take the fish out and do a deep clean so is there any other way to get the problem under control???!!! I tried assassin snails, not doing the trick, trying a skunk botia now. Any suggestions are welcome!!!
  5. FishyFan2018

    New Girl Betta For Future Breeding

    I am so excited. I saw this girl and just had to have her for my male betta to breed with. So I got her then did the research (yes i know research before not after) and realized I can't just throw her in the tank with him so she is in my community tank till we move or can find a place to put a...
  6. FishyFan2018

    New Betta Onyx

    Got this guy after 3 weeks of eyeing him. His color and fins are just GORGEOUS!! he has a school of skirted tetras with him but it's his tank. My autistic 8 year old said she needed a frilly fish in a princess tank, so we set it up and I got him. She has been staring at him for last 4 days lol I...
  7. FishyFan2018

    Pleco Id Help Pls

    My local LFS was selling this guy as a black tiger. He had 2 but this one did not look ANYTHING like the other one or what the Tigers look like online. I had lost my royal a few weeks ago (got over stressed due to massive tank cleaning and my other pleco chasing him around (2 my big pleco is a...
  8. FishyFan2018

    Lyretail Swordtail Broke His Breeding Tube

    My lyretail swordtail male had a really really long gonopodium (probably butchered spelling pls forgive me). It went almost past where a regular swordtail would have their tail fin. It was HUGE. The this morning I woke up and it was normal size, like for a reg swordtail???!!! Will he be ok...
  9. FishyFan2018

    Live Bearer Tank Overstocked?

    I have a 20 gal long with 6 male ender/guppy mix, 4 female guppy, and 5 sword females and 1 sword male. The guppy males aren't bugging the females that much but I can pull from my wild tank if I need to throw a couple females in or something I just don't want to overstock on purpose. I have 2...
  10. FishyFan2018

    New Babies!!!

    We figured out why my guppies all died, so we removed the problem (5 mosquito fish, they attack guppies) cleaned the tank, waited 3 days before moving my 8 fish from 1 tank to the other). That was last week. Well today I look in the tank and there in the front is this little swimmy speck!!! I'm...
  11. FishyFan2018

    Mysterious Death And New Babies

    Last night I was super upset because my female reticulatus corydora died. I kept having nightmares all night that my male did too. I don't know why she died. Tank perimeters are 0,0, and 5 which is pretty perfect. Only thing I can think of is maybe it got over stressed as I did a tank cleaning...
  12. FishyFan2018

    Anyone Have Sex Prince With Breeding Boxes?

    I am having a run of bad luck wit a couple of my tanks so I can't separate my lyretail swordtail female that will be due to have babies soon. I am debating on a breeding box as I want the fry but since she is in my community tank the babies will get eaten. Does anyone have experience with...
  13. FishyFan2018

    Anyone Have Experience With Fairy Cichlids?

    I am debating on getting a pair of fairy cichlids that I eyeball everytime I'm in my lps. But I don't know much other than what I have read. Does anyone have experience with them and can you give me some pointers on what I NEED to know prior to getting them. I do know they should be a species...
  14. FishyFan2018

    Should I Be Concerned?

    My farlowella catfish female is HUGE. She is having trouble moving around and sticking to the glass. We are feeding every other day atm and tank is clean and clear so I do not think it's due to overeating. I'm worried about her. She is my favorite fish and my oldest survivor from my early...
  15. FishyFan2018

    What Type Of Corydora Are These?

    I saw these 3 and the fish guy could not positively identify them so was hoping you guys could help. He tried to say they were julii and I know they arent. I think might be a baby baby 3 stripe and her stripe hasn't showed up yet along with her spot but figured I'd ask. The other 2 I have no...
  16. FishyFan2018

    Pregnant Twig?

    I know farawella catfish don't have live babies but is there a way to tell if a female is going to spawn? My female keeps getting fatter and fatter and I'm wondering if she getting ready to spawn or if she is just eating too much. I do have a male in the tank with her. Her name is Twiggy and the...
  17. FishyFan2018

    Help Super Pregnant Guppy Help I'm Afraid She Is Gonna Explode

    I have a super super pregnant guppy and she just won't have her babies and she just keeps getting bigger and I'm afraid she is gonna explode or die and we will lose both her and the babies. She is in a breeder tank atm with 3 other pregnant females. We got her very pregnant 2-3 weeks ago and she...
  18. FishyFan2018

    Twig Catfish Breeding??

    My female farowella catfish seems to be getting much chubbier (I also have a male). I am curious if anyone has had any luck actually breeding them and if I could get pointers just in case she spawns. I doubt any fry survive the first or even second spawn and I've been trying to research but if...
  19. FishyFan2018

    Female Lyretail Swordtails!

    Well decided to go back to the LPS I got my gorgeous lyretail male from and see what the other one was and GUESS WHAT!!?? They had 3 not 1 but 3!!!!! Lyretail females!!!! So looks like I will get lyretail babies afterall lol just had to share as I'm over the moon excited as I know 1. Females are...
  20. FishyFan2018

    Can Anyone Help Me Sex This Guy?

    I bought this guy today and I originally ally thought was male (kinda still do because of the analfin) but then I realized it's fat like waaay fat like it's pregnant. It's almost the same size as my very very pregnant reg swordtail so now I'm questioning if it is actually male or if I just got...

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