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  1. WetRootsNH

    My fishkeeping perspectives through time

    Thought it might be fun to do a gallery of the evolution of my tank(s) through time. I started here almost at the same time as I started into the hobby. I have gone from plastic ornaments to a high tech dirted tank since then and in large part it is due to my membership in this forum. Well that...
  2. WetRootsNH

    What you do for work

    Did a quick search and didn't see anything come up that looked like this had been discussed before. I'm taking a quick break from shoveling out my boss's property; I work as an estate/property manager. I got to thinking, what do others on the forum do for work/ have as a career?
  3. WetRootsNH

    75 gallon planted riverine tank

    I am letting my 75 gallon balance after a complete teardown and dirting. After it settles in I want to restock it. Here's the idea: 75 gallon dirted, heavily planted, river rocks, high flow, very high light, CO2. Already have experience with dirt, high light, and CO2. Lights: 2x Chihiros wrgb120. Will...
  4. WetRootsNH

    Variegated water wisteria

    So, I picked some of this up. Inspite of having luck with some plants considered 'difficult' I've never had luck with Hygrophila difformis. But, having seen images of this online I just needed to try some. What's unusual, is that A. The newer leaves are staying thick instead of getting lacy...
  5. WetRootsNH

    I'm back

    Hey all, Had a long hiatus. Got sick, moved, lost my favorite fish, and picked up a second job all at the same time. So I ended up ghosting the forums for a while. I'm back now. Considering a user name change as I no longer work the job in the same capacity that I took my original name from and...
  6. WetRootsNH

    Am I The Only One That Does This?

    Am I the only one who occasionally searches craigslist for used tanks not to purchase but to see the ridiculous prices that people want for their old tanks? First there is the dollar per gallon thing which basically closes out anything under 55 gallon with pricing but beyond that there's the people...
  7. WetRootsNH

    My Crinum Flowered!

    Had them for a long time but finally one of my Crinum calamistratum flowered!
  8. WetRootsNH

    High Light And Co2 For Nano (7g)

    My girlfriend is setting up a 7g planted shrimp tank and has decided that I'm the "expert" on lighting and CO2 because I have a high tech 75 gallon. Problem is I have no experience with a tank that small... What are the forum favorites for high lighting in a nano? I use 2x Fluval 2.0 on my 75 gallon so...
  9. WetRootsNH

    Plants That Need More Recognition

    Hey all, I think it would be fun/ useful to give some appreciation to plants that are under utilized in our community. So, outside of your typical anubias, java fern, dwarf lily but still pretty easy and not too expensive so that just about anyone could pick it up and start growing it but still...
  10. WetRootsNH

    New Tank Diy Stand Height

    Well, got a nice deal on an 80 gallon shallow so it looks like I'll be upgrading from my 75 gallon. (75 is technically the max for my apartment but I don't think anyone's going to notice 5 gallons and technically this spreads the weight way more than the 75 due to the footprint.) 48"Lx24"Dx16"H is the new...
  11. WetRootsNH

    To My Fellow New Englanders

    Or anyone else who may have gotten snow last night... Careful driving. The roads aren't too bad here mostly just wet if it's been plowed. Snows a little deep where it hasn't As usual though, no one seems to remember how to drive in snow until after the first couple storms. Be safe. Slow is...
  12. WetRootsNH

    Planted Tank Flowers

    I have been waiting a long time for something to happen and it finally has, so I want to share it with all of you. Long story short, I have always wanted my cardinal flower to flower for me as I love they way they look. I allowed a very long stem to grow up out of the water and it finally...
  13. WetRootsNH

    Let's See What You Think

    So I have a plant that decided to give a try that I found in a local brook. Small, babbling, standard brook. The plant was both on the banks, and in what appeared to be permanent submersion spots. I am located in New England if that helps ID. I have a feeling I know what it is after doing some...
  14. WetRootsNH


    Hey all, I decided I'd share some photos of what I've Identified as Mummichog. My girlfriend and I went fishing in the salt marshes by Seabrook, NH recently and after not catching anything... (darn striped bass, I will catch one some day.) We decided to do some exploring. She ended up finding...
  15. WetRootsNH

    Any Buce Experts?

    Looking for an ID on this Buce! I understand that this can be incredibly difficult due to the whimsy that people have when naming buce varieties, but I hope that someone here can help me out. I am looking to do a bonsai tree out of it and don't really want to wait for it to grow in on its own so...
  16. WetRootsNH

    Discuss The Tanks That You Only Have In Your Head

    Hey there all, Every one of us has a severe case of multi-tank syndrome but due to our living conditions, we can't all act on our addiction. My idea here, is to inquire into the tanks that are often on your mind but that due to life or living conditions, you cannot have. Let's stick to...
  17. WetRootsNH

    Share Your Early Scapes And Today's Scape

    Hi there all, I am amazed that my share your close ups post has gone on for as long as it has and in that spirit I came up with another idea after going through some of my old photos. Many of us in this hobby can not leave well enough alone when it comes to our tanks scape and I believe that...
  18. WetRootsNH

    Let's See Those Close Ups!

    Thought it would be fun to see everyone's close ups of their fish and plants. I enjoy taking obnoxiously close up photos of my inhabitants. It's like a glimpse into their world. Here are some of mine to get things started:
  19. WetRootsNH

    Study Shows Fish Have Complex Personalities

    Fish have complex personalities research shows | Daily Mail Online Well, I would say that this study was a waste of their time. Any one of us on this forum could have told them that fish even within the same species have complex and unique personalities!
  20. WetRootsNH

    Share Some Of Your Less Common Plants

    Good morning all, Interested in seeing what some of you may have growing that is less commonly seen on the forum. Not necessarily more difficult, just different from the typical val, sword, anubias, java fern. This is in the spirit of opening up our collective knowledge in regards to the...

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