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  1. Jizzy

    anyone with specific experience with Aqueon?

    I've had my Aqueon for about a year and a half now and I like it. I notice that it clears up debris faster than my Aquaclear. I've hadn't had any problems with the filter so far.
  2. Jizzy

    Help liberty and aqueon power filters?

    I've had my aqueon filter for more than a year now and it seems to clear up debris faster than my aquaclear. The only thing I don't like about it is that you can't adjust the flow.
  3. Jizzy

    What would you do?

    As long as the pH is stable, I'm sure they would do fine. My betta and cories do o.k. in my pH.
  4. Jizzy

    Geez, Tainted water supply

    Alright, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks
  5. Jizzy

    Geez, Tainted water supply

    to COBettaCouple: Around 5 hours or so
  6. Jizzy

    Geez, Tainted water supply

    Don't quote me on this ,but isn't ammonia in tap water an indicator of chloramines? My tap has ammonia and is taken care of really fast by the filter.
  7. Jizzy

    Aqueon Power Filter 10

    Product/Service: Aqueon Power Filter 10 (HOB) Description:: Standard HOB with filter cartridge and Bio-holster. Motor sits below water level. For 10 gallons. Pros: Quiet operation. Bio-holster allows more bacteria to grow inside the filter. Cons: Restricted to cartridges. Non-adjustable...
  8. Jizzy

    Out of curiosity how did you muli-tank syndrome people get addicted?

    Well for me, It started when I took home a centerpiece from a party containing 2 feeder fish and a betta. The feeder fish did not make it through the night and the betta was looking rather sick. My brother reminded me that I had a 10 gallon in my closet that used to house a turtle. So a couple...
  9. Jizzy

    One betta and four corys in 10 gal.?

    eh, I'll just get two more corys then.
  10. Jizzy

    One betta and four corys in 10 gal.?

    The cory looks similar to this though I can't really tell if its the same species since they're similar looking ones.
  11. Jizzy

    One betta and four corys in 10 gal.?

    Would one betta and four corys be ok in a 10 gal.? I currently have just one betta and a cory in it

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