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    Blood Parrot fin rot?

    A few months back, I was having issues with my Blood Parrot and what seemed to be "fin rot" along with the Convicts, plus the Convicts had scraping marks on their scales. I tried multiple treatments over a period of 3 months with varied results. I finally cured it by emptying out the tank...
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    Question Fin shredding

    This will be a two-part question: 30 Gallon tank 1-Parrot Cichlid (4 inches) 3-Convict Cichlids (2 1/2 inches each) 1-Kenyi Cichlid (3 inches) 1-Red tail shark (3 inches) 3- Cory's (1 1/2 inches each) I use aquarium salt and "Start Right" with every water change. After a 50% water...
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    Green Spotted Puffer Confusion?

    Ok, so I purchased 2 Green Spotted Puffers not knowing they needed brackish water. First mistake not researching first. They are in a 29 Gal tank with one Pleco (5" long) that has been set up for a few years. When I first got them about 3 weeks ago, they were very happy little critters...
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    Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I posted anything. I have a strange problem and it's probably too late already but maybe someone can think of something I haven't done. Last Saturday I added a blue crawfish/lobster to my cichlid tank. I also got some "Jungle" brand ph decreaser. I am on well...
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    Happy with the first try

    Just set this up yesterday. My first one. It's still cycling but I'm thinking of some molly's and a few albino corey cats. I actually used a blue hand towel to hide the wall and cords in the back and I'm using the long tube style aerator centered in the back.
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    Question Swapping tanks and new tank.

    I'm pretty new to this but I have learned a great deal in a short time, especially on this site. Thank you in advance for being so tolerant of us "rookies" and being such a wealth of information. Seems to be a recurring theme here. We don't do the research until it's too late. My roommate was...

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