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    Marineland LED hood design?

    Hey curious about the marineland led hood when it comes to it's design. I might buy this hood when I upgrade to a 20 long. My concern is this I wonder if the back of this hood flat like the Aqueon hoods are? Reason is so I can have a spot to set my automatic feeder when i'm away. I always place...
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    Treating ICH with salt ok for tetras?

    Hey fishlore my tank has been hit with a mild case of ich. There is a few dots and the fish are flashing. I've decided to try the increased temperature and salt treatment to get rid of the ich. I just wonder is the salt safe for my neon tetras and if it is safe how much salt should I add...
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    Ember Tetra breeding?

    I'm interested in getting a small school of Ember tetras but I don't know how they are when it comes to breeding? Anyone own these fish that can chime in? I don't want the surprise of tetra fry in my tank. The only tetras I've owned are Neons and they never had fry. THANKS
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    Self-Priming HOB filters = Not many choices???

    I'm looking for self-priming hob filters, but it looks like there is only 2 choices?I've only seen Aqueon and tetra whisper ex filters that do this. Is there any I'm missing. I would consider a canister filter but my tank is only 15 gallons and they are pricey. I also don't like internal filters...
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    Best air stone and check valve???

    I'm curious what type of air stone is the best? the classic or other type? I've seen glass and wooden ones before so I was wondering about that. Also what kind of check valve is the most reliable? The spring type or without the spring? I was also thinking would I even need a check valve...
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    Anyone watch River Monsters???

    For anyone that watches River Monsters the new season starts today at 9pm on Animal Planet. Being someone that's into fish I think this is an interesting show.
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    Fish Acclimation Tip

    Hey I figured I would share my acclimation process with the forum to help people with their new fish. It's pretty much the floating bag method but a little better. Insted of using the bag I use the plastic fish holding containers that the store puts your fish in after they catch it. This...
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    My 15 Gallon Community Aquarium (2 Videos)

    This is my 15 gallon with 3 dwarf sunset platys, 5 neon tetras, and 1 male cobra guppy. One of the platys is a fry about 2 months old in the video. This is the tank with natural light Here is the tank with the fluorescent light on
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    Question What are you feeding your Neons???

    I'm curious what people are feeding their neons. I know that Neons take in air when they eat at the surface and have trouble swimming. Like the air is trying to pull them up. Usually they are back to normal after a little bit. What foods do they like that don't float at the top. Besides flakes...
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    Good Luck with Neons

    Hey just wanted to get on here and let everybody know there is hope with neon tetras! I know when you're reading online there is a lot of bad luck with neons out there. This almost made me scared to try neons but i'm glad i did give them a try. I have a small school of 5 neon tetras and they are...
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    Looking for Pygmy Cory?

    I'm interested in picking up a couple pygmy cories for my 15 gallon community. The only thing is I haven't really seen these fish anywhere. Anyone know sources that have them? or anyone that lives in the Bay Area, CA no any spots that have them?
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    Dwarf Sunset Platies and Guppies

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this site but not fishkeeping. I have many years of experience but I recently set up my first community aquarium. It's a 15 gallon fish only aquarium with 1 male fancy guppy, 2 female dwarf sunset platy, and 4 neon tetras. I know how it is researching trying to find good...

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