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  1. NKlamerus

    Nerite Shell And Operculum, Missing Snail!

    As of this morning one of my 2 nerite snails is missing from it's shell. Found the empty shell and the Operculum at the back of the tank, they have both been acting very odd the last week or so, just laying on the bottom. The smaller one recently got the glass and was munching away back to...
  2. NKlamerus

    Pictus Ate A Tetra!

    I can think of no other reason that my pictus catfish would be so bloated. One of the first times I've had smaller fish in with a pictus, it's usually my baby. Obvious clue would be count the tetras, but there's 19/20 and they are too quick.
  3. NKlamerus

    Fluval Fx4 For 200$? Worth It?

    Local petsmart has an FX4 brand new in box for 200$ I've also got a 120$ credit (craptacular Fluval 206) so I'd get it for 80$ Should I go for it?
  4. NKlamerus

    Paranoid About Tank Leaks

    Dozens of tank setups, dozens of filters, never had a leak that wasnt visible from the initial setup. What are the odds of random tank cracks and leaks? My only tank now is brand new, glass, I made sure to inspect the silicone and plastic rims, it looks good, there's only 1 or 2 bad reviews...
  5. NKlamerus

    38 Bowfront "the Moving Tank"

    Figured I would start a dedicated thread, mostly where I can keep track for myself of the life of the tank. As of today I am a week into the first cycle, one pictus catfish, ~40lbs of pool filter sand, Fluval 206, marineland heater, 2 local plants (will need to identify later), 5 bulbs of...
  6. NKlamerus

    Fluval 206 Noise

    Brand New Fluval 206, not my first Fluval but the first real issue I've had. It sounds like an imbalanced impeller, I've cleaned it, wrapped tape around the impeller cover, tilted it while running hoping it was air, check the seals and hoses for air, let it sit for awhile unplugged but full...
  7. NKlamerus

    Back Into It!

    Hello everyone, I've had fish tanks for most of my life but was out of it for the last few years as I graduated college, and moved from Florida to Oregon. I've had dozens of tank setups between me, my brother, and my father. Freshwater, saltwater, and brackish. Red eared sliders for a couple...

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