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    Fish Killed Yesterday due to????

    Welcome to Fish lore. Not sure what kind of heater you were running, but I'd look into the Jager heaters. I've had good luck with them. I think Eheim makes them now.
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    Now I understand why all you betta enthusiasts love them so much

    Nice find. I got into Bettas recently too, I noticed what you say about how they move around through the water. They are interesting fish. Sparkling Gouramis also move around like Bettas since they are a close relative.
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    Geez, I bought more or them, on the way

    Those are some nice Bettas. I really like the coloring of that blue and purple crowntail
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    Oh No, Not Another One T_T

    Nice, Does look a lot healthier in your tank.
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    Betta Tank Mates

    I have my male Betta living with a school of 10 neon tetras in a 20 gallon long. They all get along good. No issues at feeding time either.
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    Petco changing from Aqueon to Tetra tanks: what do you think?

    I just noticed the change at my local petco a few days ago. I was wondering if there is a difference too. They had a few aqueon tanks left, but most were tetra tanks.
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    Im done with aquarium keeping!!!

    That is a nice betta
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    stocking tank

    Hello, usually when people say to have enough fish to keep aggression down they are talking about nippy schooling fish, like tiger barbs for example. That way the tiger barbs will pick on eachother and not other fish in the tank. This doesn't really apply to all fish. Overstocking isn't good...
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    i have sparkler fry!

    Nice I like Sparklers too they are interesting.
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    Topfin, Aqueon, Fluval, or Marineland heater?

    I like Eheim Jager heaters but I see it's not at your store. I've heard the Aqueon Pros are good but can't say for sure since I never tried the Aqueon Pros
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    What tropicals are the hardiest?

    I'd have to say livebearers, of all the fish i've had they seem hardy. Of course there can be exceptions.
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    Help ASAP

    Sux when things go wrong in the tank. You're right, your best bet would be to get an api liquid master test kit then test your water and see what's wrong and go from there. Also it's usually recommended to keep your filter until it's falling apart. That's because there is good bacteria that...
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    Marineland LED hood design?

    Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it.
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    Marineland LED hood design?

    Hey curious about the marineland led hood when it comes to it's design. I might buy this hood when I upgrade to a 20 long. My concern is this I wonder if the back of this hood flat like the Aqueon hoods are? Reason is so I can have a spot to set my automatic feeder when i'm away. I always place...
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    Important OLD tank syndrome - did anyone know of this?

    That's a good point about waste in the gravel. That's why i make sure my gravel is no deeper than an inch thick if that. I keep it shallow so it's easy to keep clean
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    55 Gallon Tank Artificial planted tank

    The tank does look really good. I considered mixing fake and live plants before too.
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    New Honey Gourami eating habits, etc.

    I just picked up a honey gourami a week ago and mine wasn't eating either. It would suck in pellets then spit them out. Good thing is after a few days it started eating normally like the other fish.
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    New mega-aquarium reality show!

    I just watched this show for the first time a few days ago and I like it. It's nice to see a show about tanks. I liked that shark tank desk they made at the law firm. Adding this to my dvr list too.
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    Ochocinco has some nice tanks!

    Nice big tanks
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    Story: A Very Hardy Guppy

    That is one lucky fish. The energizer guppy

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