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  1. EmmGood

    Help Plump female yellow guppy suddenly ill

    Hey guys, woke up this morn to my fav female guppy looking in really rough shape, she's yellow and a plump 2 inches. Had her since summer. The last few days she's been a little slower than usual though would shoal with the rest of the females, especially during food time. One side of her face is...
  2. EmmGood

    Question Have you ever moved your fish across the border / to another country?

    I'm currently in Canada (BC), my SO recently had a promotion in California. I'm not going to be able to make the transition to move with him there till sometime late next year / early springtime the year after, so I have plenty of time to think up of some options. I have a dozen tanks of fish...
  3. EmmGood

    How do you fund your hobby? (Breeding, selling plant clippings, extra job, paying out of pocket, etc.)

    I have a dozen aquariums, now. :B When I started this hobby over the summer, I didn't anticipate having this much fun. I wish I could extend into experimenting with brackish setups and eventually dabble with marine setups... dabble a bit more with breeding, dabble with different aquascapes...
  4. EmmGood

    Help HELP! Emergency; female guppy has a fry stuck halfway out, what do I do? Intervene or leave?

    For the last few days, I've noticed one of my females began acting strangely. Whenever I put food in the tank, she'd take interest along with the other females (its a female guppy only tank) however she wouldn't actively eat. I wondered if she might've been shy or not used to the tank, as I've...
  5. EmmGood

    "It's either me, or the fish"... fishkeepers, what does your SO / family / friends think of your hobby?

    I recently got into this hobby over the summer, and within four months I'm up to eleven tanks, and I foresee a twelfth the next time I can find a good deal on craigslist for a 55 gallon or 75 gallon. :B My SO has a phobia of drowning, and additionally really dislikes the "soulless glares" of fish since...
  6. EmmGood

    How Do I Snail Guru Advice Needed; Making a Mystery Snail Tank

    Hey there, been a lurker over the summer and finally joined. Just got into the hobby a few months ago and its pretty much dominated my spare time. I'm interested in starting a dedicated mystery snail tank to breed them in, fortunately I have various LFS around my area willing to take up some...

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