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  1. chowes

    making vegetarian fish food.

    Today I had some free time and decided to make some frozen food for my new labeotropheus since i read that they are pretty strict vegetarians. I used carrots, peas, spinach, summer squash, zucchini, cucumber and gelatin to bind it all. Will this be all right for them?
  2. chowes

    Good Cichlid Breeder

    Has anyone else ordered from this website: I just ordered five cichlids from them and they are beautiful and very healthy. I was just wondering...
  3. chowes

    Help Bloat?

    I looked at my x-ray tetra tonight and his stomach was huge and bloated and he looked very round. he is still swimming around and I'm pretty sure he ate when i fed him tonight. Is it bloat and if so how should i treat him?
  4. chowes

    My New Cichlids

    These are my new babies. Five more are coming in the mail in a week or so! My orange zebra munching some algae yellow lab lab again
  5. chowes

    Question Upside down cat with Mbunas?

    I was just reading something adn someone had an upside down cat with their africans. Could I put one in with mildly aggressive lake mbunas? I can't really get cuckoo cats that would work better around here.
  6. chowes

    Question Mystery Cichlid

    I was Walmart today and passed by the fish. I was looking at the little baby cichlids and there was one that was very dark (black or very dark blue) with yellowish tail and dorsal fins. They were juvenile and less than an inch. Any idea what species it is?
  7. chowes

    Question Feeding Mbuna

    I know that they are herbivourous fish and don't do well with large amounts of meaty proteins. What is best to feed them? I know veggeis like squash and lettuse and spinach are good and i also have frozen veggie food and pellets for herbivourous cichlids is there anything else?
  8. chowes


    soo i just spent almost 30 dollars to get safestart and I haven't used it yet. i came home (i was away for three days) and tested my water. I had 0ppm for ammonia 0ppm nitrite and about 20 for nitrate. did my tank cycle already? It has only been two weeks!
  9. chowes

    Do you still "feed" a cycling tank if you use safe start?

    I would assume yes because the bacteria have to eat right? But thought I should check so that there are no problems with the tank/I don't waste the ridiculous amount of money that I spent on safe start.
  10. chowes

    Hello from Maine

    Hello. I was looking for a site to help with my new tank. I already had two tanks, a 2.5 gallon with my beloved betta boy Charlie and a 10 gallon with tetras, barbs and cats. But of course wasn't enough so now i am cycling a 37 gallon for mbuna cichlids. Thank god for this site! I've learned so much already.
  11. chowes

    Stocking a new Cichlid tank (37 gallons)

    Soo... I am buying a whole 37 gallon tank setup (for 140 on craigslist). I was thinking about stocking it with african cichlids. I was wondering about how many I could put in the tank as well as specific requirements (i know hey like basic water). I also was wondering about good species.

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