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  1. singlecutguitar

    How To Train Arowana To Eats Pellets ?

    I have silver arowana at home. But he won't eat pellet. He only eats small fish (dead of alive) or crickets. How to train him to feed pellets ? He have tank mates, bunch of silver dollars and 2 oscars. I feed them koi pellets but the arowana won't touch them.
  2. singlecutguitar

    Black Dragon Betta Splendens

    This is my black dragon betta. He already produce fry around 2 weeks old.
  3. singlecutguitar

    What Make Eggs Become Infertile ?

    I breed a pair of paradise fish and almost half of the eggs didn't hatch. Is it because it's their first timer or because the male/female are not yet mature ?
  4. singlecutguitar

    Question About True Aquatic Plants

    I've read it somewhere that true aquatic plants like duckweed, water lily, pristia, spaghnum, etc are straight ammonia absorber. I've read also that some of them can absorb heavy metal and are used to clean industrial waste. Anybody had experience about it ?
  5. singlecutguitar

    Any Tips For Raising Betta Fry ?

    This is my first time breeding betta fish. It's been two weeks now and I found that many of my fry don't survive. I do water changes everyday with airline tube with sponge so they don't get sucked up. The water parameter is normal but why does my fry didn't survived ? It's because of the debris...
  6. singlecutguitar

    Please ID fishes I just bought

    Schooling fish, look fatter than tetra and little bigger. The LFS told me it's barti tetra or something, but there no such name on google image image
  7. singlecutguitar

    Peacock bass tank

    Hello, I wonder how many peacock bass can I keep in 150 x 60 x 60 cm tank ?
  8. singlecutguitar

    My mixed african cichlid tank

    Hello everybody, this my biggest tank, mixed african cichlid tanks. I got mbuna, peacock, haps, pundamilia, and frontosa in this tank image
  9. singlecutguitar

    I cycled my tank with my pee :p

    Have everybody do this ? I have 65 gallon tank about 6 months ago with new filter. I do fishless cycle but due to the holiday most of the store are closed so instead using pure ammonia, I use my own urine and quite success with this method. And it's free
  10. singlecutguitar

    Mbuna, Amazon, or any ?

    Yesterday I bought a new tank, it's 120 x 45 x 45 cm (243 L or 64 gallon ++), I already paint it black and right now I begin to cycle it. Do you have stocking suggestion ? I want an oscar, maybe with some silver dollars and leporinus. Or colorful mbuna tank ? I love cichlids.
  11. singlecutguitar

    Sand as planted tank substrate

    Can I use play sand or coral sand as substrate in planted tank ? What is the best substrate for planted aquarium ?
  12. singlecutguitar

    Hello, newbie to fishkeeping

    Hello, I'm from Indonesia. I just get started to this hobby and want to know more about fishkeeping. There is lack of information in my place to show me the best way to keep the fish healthy. I currently have 10 gallon and 15 gallon tank. In the 10 gallon I keep around 18 to 20 zebra danios...
  13. singlecutguitar

    Question about lake malawi cichlid tank

    I search on the internet that minimum tank for mbuna cichlid tank is 55 gallon and tend to be overstocked to spread agression. How many cichlids will fit in the tank ?
  14. singlecutguitar

    20 zebra danio stocking question

    How many gallon (or liter) needed to keep 20 zebra danio ? I like schooling fish, but I want to keep them in healthy condition

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