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  1. Nimpa

    What Is This White Stuff.

    What is this white stuff covering the entire surface of my aquarium? It looks powdery and there are some squiggly marks on them. My hypothesis on the squiggly marks are small ramshorn snail that I have no idea where they got in. But I'm pretty concerned about the white powdery stuff as I never...
  2. Nimpa

    Can I Use This As A Divider?

    It's called fiber in my country (idk what's the english name) and it have a carboard structure to it. I have used a thicker one for an aquarium lid and it worked great. But is it ok to submereged it? Thank you in advance ^^
  3. Nimpa

    Question Biofilm Means Cycled Tank?

    Heya! This one is kind of a stupid question but I'll ask it anyways as I cant find the source I was searching for. So I have biofilm in my betta tank. Its about 3 weeks old but I took a cycled filter media and put it in there for a while (I'm guessing that's why my fish got Ick but its cured...
  4. Nimpa

    Leaving Betta With Ich For 3 Days

    I need to do this obligatory study **** camp that I would love not to attend. But I need to. (I'm trying so hard not to curse). And I'm going to do this from Wednesday till Friday I know he can survive without food for 3 days but I'm curing him of ich and my tank isn't cycled None of my family...
  5. Nimpa

    How Do You Make Diy Ornaments?

    Hi! I'm not sure if this should be in the aquascape section but I think this is the closest topic to what I'm asking. I'm not sure if this has been asked before So I want to get another tank probably not going to be soon probably next year.. probably next month.. No Idea. But my question is...
  6. Nimpa

    Help My Fish Have Ick

    AAA HELP ME My betta that I bought on 17/03/2019 (or 4 days ago) have just develope white spot all over his body. I'm suspecting its ick and I don't want to loose my baby I don't have a heater I thought I didn't need them as I live in the tropics and they're epensive I know I should have bought...
  7. Nimpa

    My New Betta!

    Heya! I finally got around taking photos of my betta which I got yesterday! He's a candy nemo betta. Not sure how old he is but I'll guess about 4 month as the one who sold him is a breeder (this is just assumption). The seller also said he was a medium size? not sure if that matters I just love...
  8. Nimpa

    Heya Fishlore!

    Heya! I'm new to this forum and new to fish keeping. I have one planted tank that currently have no resident but of course that's going to change in the very very near future. I'm planing to get a betta I'm here to gather as much information as I can and make some new friends If you have any...
  9. Nimpa

    Can I Slip Off Without A Test Kit?

    Heya! I'm new to fish and new to the forum. I mean I have kept a couple of bettas before but they were in itsy bitsy little tanks and I want to make up for it by making a nice tank for a new future betta. I already set up a tank with a HOB filter and already planted the aquarium. I'm in the...

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