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  1. Owen88

    How Many Bags Of Fluval Stratum For 30 gallon Breeder

    How many bags of fluval stratum for a 30 gallon breeder? Or is there any other planted tank substrate that are cheaper that you recommend.
  2. Owen88

    Corydoras Has Ripped Fins - Help!

    U have had corys and glowlight tetras together for about 4 mounths and have noticed in the past two weeks that my corys fins are missing. Theye are all alive but one of them looks fine. None of the tetras have ripped fins. Is it them?
  3. Owen88

    Bba All Over Tank

    So i have bba all over my tank. It looks like bba but it’s purple and jas some green circles. I have 12 glolight tetras 6 corys 2 Amazons and some sagthat isn’t doing good. What can i do to get rid of it with a fish snail or shrimp?
  4. Owen88

    What Is This!!

    So I have purple algae on my fresh water tank. My Val is dying it I added some tabs for it.
  5. Owen88

    Dwarf Sag Still Dying

    So my dwarf sag that I planted 4 weeks ago is melting and dying at a fast rate. I’m using Carib sea sand and I put roots tabs in 3 days ago. I was dosing with excel Flourish. But I was told it could kill the plants so I stop dosing about two weeks ago. I need help
  6. Owen88

    Worlds Fattest Fish!

    This little guy is the greediest bugger ever. All he does is swim as fast as possible and steal all the food!!
  7. Owen88

    Ram Cichlid Gender Id Help!

    So I just went to my Lfs and asked for a female “small one” for my male to spawn with. But I think they gave me another male. Is this normal I just added the smaller one 15 minutes ago. They are shaking at each other like they’ll go sideways and shake and they have also locked mouths a few times.
  8. Owen88

    Dwarf Sag Not Doing Well - I Need Help!!

    So I planted some dwarf sag three weeks ago and it was doing fine but over the past week it has started to quickly die. I am using a plant plus on max from 7 am to 6 pm where I turn it to night mode till 9 then off. I am also dosing excel flourish Twitter ce per week. I am also noticing a recent...
  9. Owen88

    Buying Filter - Need Advice

    So I’m a 16 year old with a moderate pay summer job. I have spent quite a bit of my aquarium this year but I’m looking into a new filter because my top fin 40 is quite noisy for my bed room ‘light sleeper’ so my local fish store has a $50 dollar deal on a Marine Land C220 canister filter. I have...
  10. Owen88

    Where To Buy Pair Of Cockatoo Cichlids?

    Where can I buy a pair of cockatoo cichlids that ships to Canada for a reasonable price.
  11. Owen88

    30 Gallon Tank Stocking

    So I have a 30 gallon with 11 glolight tetras 5 albino cories. And don’t know if I should get a Bolivian ram or cockatoo Cichlid. I’m thinking on starting with a ram because they are cheaper then after a year or so trading him in for a cockatoo.
  12. Owen88

    Something Is Wrong With Tetra - Ummm, Help??

    I just saw this on my tetra!
  13. Owen88

    Just Planted Dwarf Sag!!!

    Just like panted some dwarf sag in my 30gallon!! Didn’t mean do buy so much and forgot each little bundle was like 8 stems. So I bought 5 bundles.
  14. Owen88

    Pleco Has White Blotches!

    My new rubber lip that I got three days ago has white blotches on his back is this ok!!? Oh and don’t buy these wafers. This is what one wafer did in less than 30 minutes!! I didn’t see him eat any should I suck it out and put one in before bed?? Because all he has eaten so far is algae none...
  15. Owen88

    Feeding Rubber Lip Pleco?

    Hello so I just got a 2.5 inch rubber lip for my 30 gallon and within a less than a day. 2 weeks of algae is gone. I don’t currently have any wafers so I put some zucchini in but he hasn’t touched it in 5 hours. What should I feed him.
  16. Owen88

    Cory Has Black Dot

    One of my albino Cory catfish has a black dot near his eye.
  17. Owen88

    Fish Keep Dying!

    Help. My small fish keep dying in my almost 2 month old 30 gallon. i have tried keeping neons twice with 10 each time, They do well the first few days then start to die. All my Perimeters are A: 0 N: 0 N: 5ish My ph is 6.8ish and temp is 26c I also got some harlequins and they were doing well...
  18. Owen88

    Help Fish Died Don't Know Why!!

    So my female krib that i have had for about 4 weeks just died for no reason. This morning she was fine now she's dead. All the perams are A:0 N:0 N:5 and ph perfect temp is 24c she also had fluff on her face the same thing happed to the male when we first got them, but he was sick for days.

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