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  1. Stradius011

    Controlling Snails

    What snail/fish would do fit well into a 29 gallon Amazon aquarium and control the snail population?
  2. Stradius011


    Does this look like a Columnaris to you guys? The area is pink and slightly swollen but not fuzzy.
  3. Stradius011

    Cleaning Dirted Tanks

    How do people clean aquariums that use soil with a layer of gravel on the top? With regular gravel vacuums or would they stir up a big mess?
  4. Stradius011

    Snail ID

    Anyone know the ID of this snail? Came in with my new plants. Any help would be great
  5. Stradius011

    Bleach Safe for Cleaning?

    What % of bleach solution would be safe for cleaning an used aquarium, tank decors, and filter? Thanks for the help
  6. Stradius011

    Goldfish Growth

    I was just curious and wondered how large an Oranda and a Ryukin gets in a 29 gallon? All help is appreciated ^^
  7. Stradius011

    Best Lighting for Goldfish

    What lighting would show off goldfish's colors off the best? I'm only using the standard fluorescent lighting in my 29 gallon.
  8. Stradius011

    Will The Alarm...

    My parents installed an alarm system and unfortunately the alarm goes off right above the the aquarium where i have my fancy goldfish and it is LOUD. How harmful is this? :S
  9. Stradius011

    Which Cichlid?

    Currently I have a 29 gallon with 2 platies, 2 corys, and 1 BN pleco and I'm planning to get maybe 2 more corys and a cichlid. So I was wondering what cichlid would be best in that kind of an aquarium besides maybe angelfish and rams
  10. Stradius011

    Angel in trouble

    Today I got 3 small angels and added them to my community aquarium. After introduced 2 of them were shy while one seemed to have adjusted quickly and began exploring. Like 6 hours later, my active one was lying on the gravel and was breathing hard through its gill. I checked the water levels and...
  11. Stradius011

    Adding more Angelfish to 29 gallon tank?

    I currently have a school of neons and corydoras in my 29 gallon and my angelfish seems to get along with them. I'm planning on adding more angelfish for the one I have but would that cause problems? Also, if my angelfish pair is there a more likely chance they will eat my neons to defend their...
  12. Stradius011

    Dying females

    Recently all my pregnant females are dying for some reason. I dont know why.... they just die for some mysterious reason. Anyone know what might be causing this?
  13. Stradius011

    Dead Female Guppy

    I came back from school today and found a dead female guppy and I dont know why :[ She was pregnant and I found her being whitish near the the belly area?
  14. Stradius011

    Amazon Sword Leaf Edges Turning Brown?

    Ima noob to live aquatic plants and I was wondering what could cause my amazon sword's leaves' edges to turn brown? I use florapride and jungle plant food tabs
  15. Stradius011

    Altering the PH

    What are some more ways to raise or lower the ph without using the chemicals from the pet store?
  16. Stradius011

    Male Platy chasing female guppies

    Now that my beautiful fancy male guppy is dead, my male platy is the king of all the female guppies and is chasing them everywhere? Is this normal? I know male guppies do this but platies????
  17. Stradius011

    RIP Butterfly

    Butterfly was my favorite fancy male guppy of all the guppies I have owned... he was an absolutely amazing guppy both in looks and personality but found him dead one day from aggression of my male kribensis that I had to put in the aquarium for a few days due to a broken heater.... always will...
  18. Stradius011

    Is My Female Kribensis Mature?

    My female kribensis is really small about 1.5 inches and doesn't show much red. Do u guys think its not mature yet and if not then how can u tell when young kribensis are mature?
  19. Stradius011

    How To Clean 1 Gallon Aquarium?

    How do u clean a 1 gallon aquarium with gravel? Its the only tank I can use for fish i need to isolate. Its too small for a siphon hose + vaccum thing so do i just get a siphon hose and hover it over the gravel like u do for sand substrate?
  20. Stradius011

    Bullied Platy

    My platy in my community aquarium has always been bullied by other platies and now just barely go beaten up so bad that its fins got shredded and its missing a few scales and now its lying on its side and seems badly injured.. anything i can do?

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