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    Help Fish Massacre

    So last week one of my fish died in the 36 gallon tank @ work. One of the other fish didnt look so well so I did a test of the waterparams and noticed elevated Ammonia (2PPM). I immediatly did a 50% water change which brought the level down. The next day I did another 50% water change while cleaning...
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    36 Gallon Tank @ Work

    This is more of a continuation of However its in the correct spot and better pictures Still with my iphone because I am too lazy to bring the good camera in... New shots of the tank with crystal clear water.. Mr Pictus poking his head out of the rock Left Side of the tank...
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    ID me!

    This is a community tank at work and everyone in the IT dept picked out a fish or two for the tank. One of my co-workers picked out these two orange fish. They are very peaceful but was curious to know exactly what they are... Sorry for the bad photo, taken with my iphone. I will try to bring...
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    55 gallon Stocking

    So for x-mas I am thinking of picking up a 55 gallon tank and stand. Ill be running dual filters of some sort for tons of filtration. Freshwater obviously that is planted with Anubius and lots of little hiding spaces. I was thinking of doing some sort of sand or very fine substrate as I am not a...
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    Filters and Bubble Wands

    ATM I have a bubble wand that is recently buried underneath the gravel and goes the length of my tank. I have 2 filters that hang over the back. The filters appear to be sucking up air from the bubble wand and making all kinds of racket. They are running fine other then the occasional noise...
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    Tank Plants

    I have a 36 gallon tank with bala's, Tetra's, Pictus cats, and mollies. I originally had a few plants in the tank but they kept comming apart and clogging up the filters. I am looking for something that stays together well and is more "leafy". Also, the local stores dont appear to have a very good...

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