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    Malawi Mbuna Cichlids And Frontosas

    ive just started to stock my 55gl, can i put a frontosa in with my malawis? not sure if i can have just 1 either.
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    empty 55gl, what to put in it?

    i have a fully cycled empty 55gl. need some ideas as to what to put in it
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    Jack Dempsey babies

    i have babies today, hope mum and dad get it right this time.
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    jack dempseys and snails?

    can i put in some large apple snails or will they become a snack?
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    Jack Dempsey eggs again

    well they've done it again. came home from work today and i have loads of eggs. fingers crossed they do it right this time.
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    my Jack Dempseys are making me a bag of nerves

    as a few of you know my jds spawned early in the week. im pretty sure the babies have gone. now the male is all bright again and the female has turned black and there both doin a little dance. could they be attemptin to spawn again already?
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    i have Jack Dempsey babies

    i got up this morning and went to check on mum and dad and i saw these tiny fry bouncing up and down on the gravel. they are so tiny. mum and dad are extremely aggressive, coming up to the front of the tank the minute anyone passes by.
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    Jack Dempsey eggs

    my dempseys have eggs, lots of them, i cant get a clear look at them but what i can see are white, does this mean they are not fertilized? she laid them yesterday (monday) at some point. any help is appreciated as ive looked all over the internet and cant seem to find an answer.
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    Jack Dempsey breeding behaviour

    i have to jds who i think may have paired off. my problem is they are only smallish, the one who i think is male is abt 4inch and the female 3inch. i thought they would be to small to breed. they started swimming together and have now dug a pit under some large rocks, they are both being...
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    Help adding another Jack Dempsey

    i have 2 juvi jds in a 200litre tank, i have found a stockist which has electric blue jds. i know with malawi cichlids the advice is always add at least 3 then the aggression is spread out with new comers. is it the same with jds or will it be ok to add just one as long as there all roughly the...
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    apple snail

    couple of months ago i bought a large apple snail, found his shell floating on top of the water tonight and his body on the bottom of my tank. any ideas as to how a snail falls out of his shell?
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    Angelicus Catfish

    does anyone know anything about these angelicus catfish? ive bought a 110g tank and it comes with 2 angelicus catfish approx 3inches and 2 silver dollars approx 5inches. i cant post any pics yet as not picking it all up till tomorrow.
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    are jack dempseys shy

    the 2 jds i bought yesterday have gone into hiding, they completely disappeared about 30 minutes after i put them in their new home, is this normal? they have plenty of hiding spaces i dont want to disturb them but getting quite worried because theyve not eaten either. ive kept the light out to...
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    help in sexing jack dempseys

    i bought 2 juvie jack dempseys and have no idea what sex they are. they are currently about 2 and a half inch long. in a uk 55gl tank until they get a bit bigger then il upgrade to a bigger tank. the pics arnt great im afraid.
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    aquabid in the uk

    i have seen a lot of the members from the usa use aquabid. is there a uk one does anyone know?
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    dwarf puffers

    went to my local lfs today and for the first time ever i saw freshwater dwarf puffers. there tiny babies, just under 3cm long and i bought 2. there happily exploring my 20 gallon. cant get pics yet cos the nosey buggers wont stay still when i put the camera near them.
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    lost my eddie

    i thought i was doing everythin right for my gsp, was gradually upping the salt by 002 per week and he was doing so well, wormed him and he was eating well. got up this morning and my little eddie had passed away. r.i.p eddie xx
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    My green spotted puffer "eddie"

    im in the middle of cycling a 30 gallon tank for my gsp, he is currently living in a 20 gallon which ive gradually bought up the salt levels on. cant believe he was sold as a freshwater puffer. now he has brackish water he is a totally different little fella.
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    i bought some shrimp as a treat for my gsp. not sure if he ate them or just torn them to shreds. went to remove the body parts last night and whilst i was fishin them out the little bugger bit my arm lol. is this a puffer thing or have i just got a little sod who im gonna have to be extra...
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    topaz puffer

    was in my lfs today and saw a topaz puffer, was told it was a freshwater puffer. can anyone tell me if this is correct because i have another spare tank and would be so tempted if he was.

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