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  1. Cat1212

    Filter Air By Aquaone

    Hey can someone help me? I have a filter air 30 by aqua one I am wondering if it needs to be completely immersed in water?
  2. Cat1212

    Low Flow Filter

    I have a betta and it seems he is becoming distressed by the filter I have. I am wondering if there is a good low flow filter for a 10litre tank? I would also love some assistance on ideas for fish decorations that are safe for betta fish fins that won't cause injury. Please help
  3. Cat1212

    Major Fin Rot Betta

    I have a betta fish. It's been about 3 months.. He had fin rot a while ago and I thought it had been healed as I treated it. I have just finished the 10 day Saltwater treatment for moderate fin rot as I didn't want to shock him. I don't feel like it is improving at all apart from the slight...

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