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  1. oodelally

    Safest way to transfer when upgrading tank

    I was just wondering how you all upgrade your shrimp tanks. I have a 3.5 gallon bow front shrimp tank with a filter that attaches to the rim. I recently got a 5 gallon to upgrade it that I plan to use a sponge filter in. When I first set up this shrimp tank I took out the cherries from my main tank and...
  2. oodelally

    10 Gallon Tank Social Fish for Office - Stocking

    I have aquarium at work that had a honey gourami in it that was always hiding and everyone one complained that they never saw him. I’ve brought him home now though and am keeping him here, so I wanted to replace him with something more colorful that won’t want to hide constantly. I was thinking...
  3. oodelally

    Average Neocaridina Cost?

    I was just wondering what is considered a “good price” for these guys are. For something that is supposed to breed like crazy they seem kinda spendy. At my LFS and sometimes petsmart all kinds seem to be $5, and I got mine off Craigslist $2 for reds and $3 for the yellows which seems more...
  4. oodelally

    Help White String- Parasite?

    Tank It’s a 15 gallon that’s been running a year and a half. It has an aqueon quietflow 20 filter and a heater set to 78. My main tank inhabitants are 3 platies, 7 ember tetras, 3 amano shrimp, and 2 nerite snails. Right now it also has 2 honey gouramis, 4 chili rasboras, and 3 Pygmy cories who are...
  5. oodelally

    Adf And Java Moss

    Last year chytrid attacked my tank, resulting in all my frogs but one dying and a terrible fear of it happening again. I currently have her in her own tank that I make sure doesn’t have any cross contamination. But I remember how much she loved Java moss but I haven’t put any in afraid that it...
  6. oodelally

    Question Putting Sand Over Gravel

    I have a planted tank with sharp gravel. I don’t like it since it cuts down on what I can have like cories and loaches, but not enough to tear down the tank. I thought about just adding a layer of sand on top of that and I could make it work with most of the plants except my dwarf hair grass. It...
  7. oodelally

    Help Soap In Tank

    I have a fish tank at work and I took some time off and when I got back the tank was “cleaned” by someone, and a bunch of fish died quickly afterwards. I brought everyone else home and put them in my QT. I tested the water and all readings are normal but there was a light film or something at...
  8. oodelally

    Question I Don’t Think My Guppies Are Guppies

    Last December I got three “guppy” fry that were just born at petsmart. I got lucky because I already had two male guppies and they seem(ed) to be all males as there has been no babies. But there were certainly times when I thought one or two were starting to present as female because they just...
  9. oodelally

    Lethargic Honey Gourami

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 15 gallon How long has the tank been running? Around a year Does it have a filter? Just upgraded to an Aqueon quieflow 20 from 10. I put the old fiter in behind the new one for now to save beneficial bacteria Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water...
  10. oodelally

    Help Two Goldfish In A 10 gallon

    I know. I have a 10 gallon right now at work that currently has a Honey Gourami, five Pygmy Corys and a few ghost shrimp. I have a coworker that is moving and she has two goldfish in a 10 gallon that her boyfriend doesn’t want to take with them, so they need a home or he’s putting them in the river. :/...
  11. oodelally

    10 Gallon Tank “it Needs Some Color”

    I recently set up a 10 gallon at work that currently has 5 Pygmy corys and a wild type honey gourami who for the past month has just hidden in the back. I’m planning on bringing him home and putting him in my tank that has more plants, space, and another honey gourami. Since he hides mostly and isn’t...
  12. oodelally

    Ripping Up Stem Plants?

    I added a honey gourami a couple a weeks ago and I just noticed that lots of my stem plants have been uprooted. I’ve never seen this before and I can’t this of what could have happened on such a scale. Has anyone had anything like this happen? I’m hesitant to replant them if it’s just going to...
  13. oodelally

    Help Yikes! What's Coming Out??

    Right as I was heading out the door I caught a look at this guy and immediately put him in a breeder box I had on hand since I didn't have time for anything else. He's one of my oldest and favorite since he's got such a personality and is always happy to see me and the only one that loves to get...
  14. oodelally

    Sparkling And Honey Gouramis

    I have two tanks in question, my personal 15 gallon tank with 5 Ember Tetras (one recently passed, so I’m going to get 1-2 more when a good stock comes in) 4 guppies and 2 nerite snails. I also have a 10 gallon at work that currently has 5 Pygmy corys and a Honey Gourami. The Honey Gourami i got a week...
  15. oodelally

    Nerite Snails In A New Tank

    I just set up a new 10 gallon at work and I eventually want to add a nerite snail or too to help keep it clean. I know they should only be introduced to an established tank, but how established does it need to be? My guess is a minimum of a month or too.
  16. oodelally

    Question Setting Up With Old Filter

    I’m setting up a 10 gallon at work and I’m going to use my old filter cartridge, filter sponge and a few decorations to help instants like all my tank. I’m also going to add safe start when I put the fish in. I’m setting it up today after work, and will probably come in with fish tomorrow...
  17. oodelally

    15 Gallon Tank Centerpiece Fish

    I’m setting up an aquarium for my office at work and researching has made me start to long for a centerpiece fish. I really want a dwarf or honey gourami but I have cherry shrimp and I don’t want them to be snacks. I know having these is really going to cut down what I can get so that’s why I...
  18. oodelally

    Tank Mates For A 10 gallon

    I’m setting up a 10 gallon at the office where I work. I would like to get a Dwarf Gourami and some amano shrimp, but I don’t know what else. I’ve been seeing lots of different info about how many can be in a 10 gallon. I was thinking just one and six ember tetras. Aquaadvisor says I can also add 4 panda...
  19. oodelally

    10 Gallon Tank Honey Gourami And?

    I got my boss to let us get a 10 gallon for our office. Our office manager wanted to get a betta but I vetoed it for now. I definitely want to put 2 amano shrimp in there. It will be heavily planted and there should be plenty of hiding spots for them no matter what else I get. I think a single...
  20. oodelally

    Tiny Babies

    I just bought about 20 cherry shrimp today from Craigslist, and they are so tiny! They were advertised as adult sized, but they’re bite sized babies. Since my 3 gallon QT is being used at the moment I’m wondering what I could do with these guys. Could a simple breeder box in the main tank be enough?

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