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    A big thank you

    apology if this is out of order or in wrong thread but i am very new to this forum idea and a slow learner, teaching an old dog new tricks and all that. but i just wish to congratulate everyone concerned with fishlore, such a wealth of knowledge, information, help and a sense of friendlyness...
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    What live food can I breed for my tropical fish

    Hi, I have a surplus 17litre tank that i would love to breed my own live food for my fish. i haven't a clue as to what type is possible except sea monkeys and they only talk about @blacked out little tubs' anything that could live with them to and not compete for food. would be most grateful...
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    60ltr Biorb

    sorry if ive done this wrong but i would like to hear from any other biorb users. just started fish keeping and was purchased this used unit for £50 with everything possible with it. so far its been good and a happy tank with 1 apple snail 1 male betta 1 female betta 1 upsidedown catfish...

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