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    Stocking Scheme

    I have a 55 gallon tank with five platies and 10 tiger barbs, and I was wondering what would be good fish for the tank and how many. I was thinking cory cats, cardinal tetras, oto cats, or swordtails. Thanks for the help!
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    Small Blue Jack Dempseys

    I was at my lfs yesterday, and I saw 4 blue dempseys that were about .5 inch long. The guy said that they only get to about 4 inches and are less agressive than the normal jack dempseys. Has any1 heard of these or no anything about them.
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    I just found out my mom may get me a 55 gallon long tank dis summer, and I was wonderin if there are any chichilds that are easy to take care of, can fit in a 55 gallon tank, and what would be compatible with them.
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    New Aquarium

    I am planning on get a 29-30 gallon aquarium this summer, and I was wondering if I could put together a schol of zebra danios, 2 swordtails or mollies, and a red tail shark. I was also thinking about getting some live plants, and was wondering what plants would be good for beginners. Here's a...
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    Air Pump

    Can I use an air pump with a power filter, and if so, how should I set it up?
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    Starting a Saltwater Tank

    I was thinking about starting a Saltwater tank, and I have a couple of questions. I was wondering how big my tank should be, what should I get for the tank, what are good starter fish, and when should I do water changes?
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    Growing Underwater Plants

    I thought I needed some decoration for my desk, and I thought and underwater garden would be cool. I took a half gallon Betta tank and bought Betta bulbs. There bulbs that you put in the gravel (I guess, didn't come with directions.) I was wondering if anyone has ever tried them, and if anyone...
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    Filter's to powerful

    My filter is a Whisper 5-15 power filter, and it seems to powerful. Whenever my fish swim on the top region of the tank toward the filter, the filter pushes them the other way. Is there anyway I can reduce it's power, do I need to get a new filter, or should I just leave it?
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    Oto not eating wafers

    I just bought my oto algae wafers, but whenever I put them in, the oto doesn't eat them. I try to put it near the oto, but he still doesn't find it. Is there any way I can attract him to it?
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    I need a name for my fish!

    I need a name for my female platy! If someone can help, I would greatly appreciate it!
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    I wanna add a Betta

    Would adding a Betta 2 a 10 gallon tank with 3 platys and an oto, be a problem?
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    I think my platy is pregnant!

    I have 3 platys, 2 females and a male, and 1 looks pregnant, and I was wondering if I should prepare for babies just in case, and if so, what should I do?
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    Heater Question

    The light in my heater has been turning on and off, and I was wondering if thats ok, or if I should buy a new heater.
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    What was your first fish?

    When did you get the fish?
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    Ghost Shrimp

    Are ghost shrimp hardy and what do they eat
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    Betta Problems

    My bro has a half gallon Betta tank with a Betta in it and it just sits at the bottom for most of the day. I was wondering if it needs more space, and if I move it to my 10 gallon tank, can I put a red tailed shark with it? If I shouldn't put a red tail with it, what fish would you reccomend if any.
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    Have idea for first fish, not sure if its good

    Can I put a red tailed shark, with a Betta in a 10 gallon aquarium? And if so, what other fish could I put in with them?
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    Biowheel Filters

    Has any1 ever used a biowheel filter in their tank, because I heard they are supposed to be good but I wasn't sure if I should buy 1.
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    Mixing Tropical Fish

    I have a 10 gallon rectangular aquarium, and I was wondering if I could put 2-3 Dwarf Gouramis with a school of Cherry Barbs.

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