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    Question How Long To Leave Peas In Tank

    i have a platy who is listing and swimming a little funny. I shelled a pea, split it in half and put it in the tank but it sank to the bottom and no one seems interested. How long do I leave it in the tank?
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    Help Platy With Sudden Multiple Illnesses

    Tank Tank is 23L been running 5 mos Aquaclear 20 filter with Aqueon 50w adjustable heater Current temp 80, just bumped the heater to 82 What is the entire stocking of this tank? 3 adult female platys 1 2mos old platy fry 6 dainty corys 1 tiger loach java fern, water wisteria, java moss...
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    Question New Aqua Clear Not Quiet. Is There Anything I Can Do?

    Got a new 11 Gal tank yesterday with an aqua clear 20 filter to deal with my fry/snail problem. Hooked up the new filter and it is noisy! Like I can hear the impeller constantly noisy. I've tried opening it up and trying to re-position the impeller per the instructions and it does change the...
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    Help Suspicious And Persistent Gill Redness

    It all started with my one male platy who became ill with generalized symptoms that resembled either a non-virulent strain of columnaris or parasite infection both internal and possibly gill flukes. After 5-6 weeks of treatment in QT (first Paraguard, then Furan II, then Prazi/Metro combo, then...
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    Hello...only A Few Months In But Hooked

    Hello, I inherited a 23L from a friend who suggested I get some live bearers for my kids. Now I'm hooked. I have: 3 female platys of various types 4 dainty corys Too many snails enough fry that I need to find a new place to keep them A water wisteria, java fern and java moss and a floating...

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