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  1. danhutchins

    Why Do People Give Bad Advice?

    If you don't know please don't pretend to.
  2. danhutchins

    10 Gallon Tank New 10 Gallon Shrimp Tank.

    I just started my 10 gallon shrimp tank. I'm currently working on the cycle and once that's good I was planning to get some blue velvet shrimp. I'm no expert on shrimp so any suggestions on how to keep them looking nice would be great help. I have a 55 gallon community tank with fish and shrimp...
  3. danhutchins

    Red Plants Not Staying Red

    So, I have been keeping fish in a planted tank for about 5 years now and decided to get some red plants to break up all the green in the tank. My issue is that the red plants just turn green. I dose iron and have high light but honestly I'm unsure how much iron I should dose. I'm using Dustins...
  4. danhutchins

    Not Sure If Chlorine Kills Beneficial Bacteria

    Not sure what the fuss is about chlorine killing the bb in fish tanks. I have followed the guidelines on this matter for quite a while and didn't think it made much sense but I didn't really know better and maybe I still don't. I have recently emptied my water conditioner and have been using...
  5. danhutchins

    Question Gave In To A 24/7.

    Have been looking at the finnex planted plus 24/7 for quite some time now and just saw that Amazon lowered the price to $65 for the 48". I couldn't pass it up since the same light at my lfs is almost $200. Was reading up on it and it seems about 50/50 on people saying its horrible and only...
  6. danhutchins

    Help Black Water Questions

    I was interested in doing black water in my 55 gallon but wasn't sure if the light would still get to my carpet plants. If anyone has experience in this please let me know if I would have to increase my lighting. Thanks.
  7. danhutchins

    Algae Issue.

    Just in the last couple days I have noticed a larger amount of algae in my tank. It looks like beard algae or hair algae. It's not very long right now but is growing on almost all the plants in my tank. I haven't done anything different since I got the tank going and it has been going for 2...
  8. danhutchins

    High Nitrate Levels

    I'm having an issue with very high nitrate levels in my 55 gallon. Ammonia is a 0 as well as nitrites but for some reason my nitrates are reading 160 ppm. I have a lot of plants in my tank this is why I'm confused. I do 50% water changes every week and never miss one, I'm very anal about how my...
  9. danhutchins

    My New 55 Gallon Build.

    Was thinking about pulling the hornwart and replacing with something else, I do like how it looks like a Bush but I'm thinking it's to busy, any suggestions?
  10. danhutchins

    Liquid Fertilizer

    Was wondering if one would need to dose more Fertilizer if the amount of plants are high or for larger plants? I have been using the recommended dose on the bottle but my plants don't seem to be getting what they need. I have an Amazon sword and some water Sprite also have micranthemum Monte...
  11. danhutchins

    Ideas For Plants

    Looking for some ideas for plants in my 20 gallon I would prefer easy to care for plants that are very Hardy.

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