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  1. Yale Kim

    Betta Trouble Swimming & Ripped Fins

    It has ripped fins and has trouble swimming. What should I do.
  2. Yale Kim

    Betta Fish Dying

    my betta fish is dying. It has like a mouth fungus or something. I tried em erytromycin and general cure. Please help. I dont want her to die. Picture
  3. Yale Kim

    Shrimp And Snail Etc Shipment

    I got a shippment from flip aquatics. It had duckweed, water sprite, cherry shrimp, amano shrimp,food, medication, and mts.
  4. Yale Kim

    Worms In Tank

    I have these worms that stretch up and down in my tank. They're kind of brown-pink. Have any idea what they are and how to get rid of them.
  5. Yale Kim

    Where To Buy Fish.

    What online store is cheap and good and has free shipping.
  6. Yale Kim

    Carbon Rili Shrimp Dragging Eggs?

    My carbon rili shrimp looks like it is kind of dragging her eggs because she has so much.
  7. Yale Kim

    Will Borneo Suckers Eat Shrimp Larvae?

    Will my pair of borneo suckers eat my tiny shrimp babies
  8. Yale Kim

    Pictures Of Your Rili Shrimp.

    Show me pictures of your rili shrimp of any kind.
  9. Yale Kim

    Carbon Rili Shrimp Berried!!!

    My carbon rili shrimp that I got from rob from flip aquatics is berried finally in about 3 weeks. See the eggs
  10. Yale Kim

    Ghost Shrimp

    Ghost shrimp has red dot on it. is it a possible disease

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