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  1. Aquariumhobbyist_

    Schooling Fish For My Discus Tank

    I have an 80 gallon tank with a few Discus and 1 Bolivian ram. Can somebody recommend a good schooling fish to go with? I’m looking for some thing different, I’m tired of neon tetras and cardinals lol I’m looking for something a bit bigger and with nice color
  2. Aquariumhobbyist_

    Quarantine Tank Size

    when it comes to quarantine, does tank size play a factor in the health of my fish?
  3. Aquariumhobbyist_

    Blood Red Parrots Tank Mates

    so I keep Discus and o love my fish, the problem is my girlfriend came home with a surprise for me ( she bought me parrot fish lol). I went out and immediately bought a 60 gallon because I wasn’t about to put the brp’s in with my discus. So my question is what kind of schooling fish can I throw...
  4. Aquariumhobbyist_

    New To The Forum

    i love freshwater fish of all kinds but don’t have any friends in the hobby. I’m tired of trying to talk to people that don’t care about what I love, o always research things online and always find myself coming back here so I figured I would give it a try. Thank...

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