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  1. Cltguy

    What is this little hitch hiking baby?

    I finally got to start my second tank about a month ago. It's going to be a heavily planted, single species tank, most likely with neon tetras. We have added plants so far, no fish....or so we thought. Got the hitch hiking works and annoying little snails, but then what we thought was a huge...
  2. Cltguy

    Question What Is This Little Guy?

    Found this guy in my filter. I have to nerite snails but they sont look like this guy. Been over a month since I added some bamboo, figured my BATs, rubber lip or Cory's would have eaten any eggs I didn't wipe off before planting.
  3. Cltguy

    Need Help - 2 Fish And 3 Snails Dead

    This is first time I have become discouraged in my tank in the year+ that I have had it - my Gourami, snails and rubber lip died in the past week . After a water change earlier this month - 5/7/2018, I had to replant the wendetii that came up. Later my water became brown, so I did another...
  4. Cltguy

    What Is This Betta Doing To The Snail?

    I removed the snail and placed him in my community tank where is loving it, but what was this betta doing?
  5. Cltguy

    Hello - New To Fishlore

    Hello - I am new to this forum as a poster, but have definitely been reading it for a while as I setup my tanks. I currently have 2 active tanks - a 26 gallon bow and a 2 gal cube. I just retired a 5.5 gallon bow as we purge our home of junk. The 5.5 gal tank was where I learned, and sadly...

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