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    My room STINKS!! Is it normal?

    Ok, so... I had just set up and started cycling my two saltwater tanks. Then I left for vacation. I came home, went to my room, and about got knocked to the ground. IT STINKS. This room smells like a mix of low tide, dirty sweaty socks, a landfill, and like someone let a chicken rot in a garbage...
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    Help! Something growing on my live rock

    I noticed today some things popped up on my live rock and I don't know what it is. I got it from a store that kept it in a huge tank with no fish or anything so I didn't think anything would be in it. I tried to get a picture but my water is so cloudy and the glass is dirty lol so it didn't...
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    Help! My tanks are cloudy from my sand what do I do?

    I'm very worried I had my tanks filled up with saltwater and they were crystal clear so I bought some live rock and started everything up and the circulation pumps moved my sand around and now it's cloudy My smaller tank where the pump is affecting the sand the most is the worst... I can't...
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    Can I rinse my rock and sand with tap water?

    I have base rock (real rock not reef saver) but it's all dead and sand from the Bahamas. Can I rinse this stuff with tap water? I mean since it's dry and not live it won't hurt it right? Or would that be bad to do for some reason? It just has dust in it so I need to get the dust out
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    WTS 72" and 48" strip lights PU only north central Ohio

    I have these lights for sale for pick up... I imagine they're too big to ship lol •72" black strip light, takes two 36" bulbs which are included •48" oak colored strip light, takes a 48" T12 bulb which is included
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    What kind of light for FOWLR? My first saltwater tank

    I decided to put up a quarantine tank (I was trying not to, but I know it's for the best to have one) and make it FOWLR. Now for that, what type of lighting do I need to use? Do I need to use anything specific or since I'll only have live rock in there could I use any type of light? Basically...
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    Considering LED lights... how many watts should they be? My first saltwater tank

    I found some LED strip lights I'm considering and I was wondering how many watts would be required over my 18" deep tank for soft corals? The lights link together so I could add more if I wanted to, but just for the beginner corals how many watts should they be? Or are the strip lights not...
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    A deep sand bed: yes or no? My first saltwater tank

    I'm about to order my rock and sand... but can't decide on if I want to make a deep sand bed or not. I really love the sound of it, with all the bacteria and all, but there are also a lot of mixed reviews on it. What do you guys think? Does anyone on here have one? Basically I'm just concerned...
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    T5HO lighting ok for soft corals?

    I keep trying to stick to freshwater... but the idea of saltwater keeps coming around... I have a good understanding of most things, I've read a lot over the past year when it comes to saltwater, but not so much about the equipment, which is what's holding me up right now... It might be best to...
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    Best CO2 diffuser? Questions about diffusing CO2 help

    I wonder what I've got myself into... I found a good deal I couldn't pass up on a 20lb CO2 tank and a Milwaukee regulator on Ebay so now I'm filling up my cart on Amazon for the rest of the supplies I need. Now I'm pretty lost... I don't understand this whole thing... Now I'm asking for a...
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    FS: filters, media, lighting, decorations, air pumps, and more!

    Updated 11/11/12 - please feel free to make offers! • Payment through Paypal • Buyer pays shipping • I ship cheapest way through USPS • Items from smoke-free home • No returns or refunds; I include accurate descriptions and pictures, ask all questions before purchasing • Allow 5 business days...
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    Help! Plugged in power strip got soaked

    I was busy trying to catch a baby bristlenose and completely forgot I was filling a tank which ended up with it majorly overflowing. It overflowed right over a plugged in power strip sitting on the ground for a bit. I feel so stupid I can't believe I forgot it was filling. It's soaking wet...
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    55 Gallon Tank Is it just me or... African cichlid with swollen jaw/throat?

    I'm not sure if there's something wrong with this zebra or not. It didn't look like this until a few days ago until after I fed a bunch of food and I had to take pictures to sell them as they were scared of the camera. I didn't feed for a day and no bloating so I thought all was well, except...
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    Hi everyone! :D

    Hi everyone, I'm 18 and have only been in the hobby for a year now but have managed to accumulate 11 tanks so far lol, my largest being a 180 gallon. I keep mostly natural planted tanks (9 out of 11 of my tanks) and am saving up to get my first saltwater tank started up hopefully over the...

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