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    Ten Gallon Stocking

    I currently have some guppies and 2 diffrent species corydoras (only 1 of each,I know I know bad idea) and I'm giving them to my brother who has a 20 gall long and he will get more. So I want to put a trio of dwarf sparkling gouramis and 4 panda corydoras and maybe a small school of chili...
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    10 Gallon Stocking Help

    Shrimp or will the goby eat them
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    Sparkling Gourami

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for my tank stocking idea for my ten gallon planted tank 3×dwarf sparkling gourami 6×cherry shrimp 4×corydoras (bronze) 8×chili rasboras I have 2 corydoras already and before you blow up the comments on this I have had them for a year and a half like...
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    30 Gallon Stocking

    So my brother has a thirty gallon tank and he wants: 1 angle fish Around 4 Kuhli loaches He wants a fish that swims in the middle to the top layers of the water preferably a schooling species that won't get eaten by the angle and won't bother the angle. Suggestions, thank you for taking time...

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