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  1. thequietman44

    Want To Sell Sakura/fire Red Cherry Shrimp

    I have plenty again, but as you say it may be best to wait for some cooler temperatures. I have a busy July but I'll probably resume shipping in August depending on local and destination temperatures. I've seen some people use cold packs but in my experience they don't last long enough to be...
  2. thequietman44

    Want To Sell Sakura/fire Red Cherry Shrimp

    If anyone else wanted shrimp this week let me know. I'll be shipping shrimp out tomorrow (5/7), and possibly Wed (5/8) for destinations that are a 2-day ship from here.
  3. thequietman44

    Cherry Shrimp Population

    Next week in your tank...
  4. thequietman44

    Cherry Shrimp Population

    Cherry shrimp are fairly prolific breeders given the right conditions, so in a way you should be glad your tank is suitable for breeding . If your only concern is overpopulation and resulting water quality I can tell you RCS tend to reach a certain population limit either due to lack of food...
  5. thequietman44

    Question Starting The Nitrogen Cycle

    You can check out this article that describes how to cycle a new tank: Fish food can be a source of ammonia, but pure ammonia is less messy and easier to measure.
  6. thequietman44

    Want To Sell Sakura/fire Red Cherry Shrimp

    Weather is still pretty decent in my area so I'll be shipping the next orders April 29th & 30th (Mon & Tues next week). Message me if you haven't already.
  7. thequietman44

    Question Mystery Crayfish

    Unfortunately Petco is my LFS, unless that acronym denotes a non-chain store in which case I do not have a LFS, just a local Petco. They didn't say whether they came in a shipment or were dontated, just that they didn't have a place to keep them and were trying to get rid of them for free to...
  8. thequietman44

    Question Mystery Crayfish

    I rescued a couple crayfish from a Petco in PA and they looked exactly like that when they were small. They're both much larger now and I believe they are just the wild type native crayfish. They seem to have reached max size around 5" or so...
  9. thequietman44

    Question Freshwater Feeding Guppies

    Guppies are primarily surface feeders so they tend to swim around at the surface poking at bubbles or debris in case it's food. My guppies tend to hang out in the top 6 inches of the tank, although they occasionally dive down to peck at algae and any flakes that made it through the surface...
  10. thequietman44

    How To Clean Black Diamond Blasting Sand ?

    I haven't had any issues cleaning Black Diamond blasting sand. At first I used to rinse it bucket by bucket (shallow plastic container 14"x14"x6") but I noticed I wasn't getting much dust, just a little film of oil. So now I just dump it in the tank, then add water and let my canister filter...
  11. thequietman44

    Question Guppy With Glofish?

    I have GloFish and fancy guppies in my 90 gallon and they seem to ignore each other most of the time. Occasionally the GloFish get a bit aggressive to each other and some guppies get caught in the crossfire but I also have plants where the guppies can take refuge until things calm down.
  12. thequietman44

    40 Gallon Tank Fish Project For 4 Yr Old And Daddy

    I'm awestruck at the thought of having a 200g aquarium :woot: It can certainly feel overwhelming when you have to try to take it all in immediately. Sorry you got thrown in the deep end as it were. It's really not that complicated once you have a cycled tank, and the good news is the larger the...
  13. thequietman44

    40 Gallon Tank Fish Project For 4 Yr Old And Daddy

    Yes, I would say it's definitely overstocked . If this is a kit from PetSmart it's likely the filter is undersized for the tank which won't help. It sounds like the tank hasn't been cycled, so you're going to be fighting ammonia until that happens. Seachem Prime can help detoxify the ammonia...
  14. thequietman44

    Bioload Question From New Rcs Owner

    Yep, definitely from the shrimp . As for shrimp having a "negligible bioload", it's mostly true that they won't increase the bioload significantly, but that's not because they don't produce waste. They simply consume many small organic particles that otherwise would have rotted and break it down...
  15. thequietman44

    No Berried Rcs

    Just my 2 cents, but I've always noticed breeding slows down whenever there are fish in the tank with my RCS. I'm not sure if it's the stress of a constant predator threat or what, but I noticed an overall drop in shrimp population when I had a few tetras in with them. Since then I've always...
  16. thequietman44

    Can I Move Java Moss From Fake Wood To Real Wood

    In my experience java moss will latch onto anything that's not smooth as glass and never let go, so I wouldn't worry about moving it, just removing it . I'm not sure what specific benefits you get from real driftwood other than an organic and porous material for bacteria/biofilm and some amount...
  17. thequietman44

    What Kind Of Filter Do You Invertebrate Lovers Use?

    I've always used sponge filters in invert tanks because they don't have real suction like HOB or internal power filters do, so they don't trap babies on their surface. I usually use an oversized sponge (my 10 gallon has a 5"x5" sponge filter) and adjust the air flow as high as possible without...
  18. thequietman44

    Want To Sell Sakura/fire Red Cherry Shrimp

    The first shipments are on their way . If anyone else wanted shrimp this week I can still ship tomorrow so send me a PM. Otherwise I'll ship the next orders next week on April 29th & 30th. I have about 50-60 shrimp left.
  19. thequietman44

    Water Parameters For Red Cherry Shrimp

    In the tank. I haven't tested my tap water in a while but last time I believe it was around 7.2.
  20. thequietman44

    Water Parameters For Red Cherry Shrimp

    I don't have any experience with crushed shell, but I've been using Caribsea Aragonite crushed coral and Caribsea coral sand with my shrimp since I started (at the time I didn't know it would raise/buffer the pH, I just thought it looked cool). I don't have a TDS meter but I know more sensitive...

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