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  1. FLGirl

    Seeing Allot Of My Clown Pleco...

    I recently sold off most of the bristlenose offspring that had completely taken over my 55 gallon aquariun, I turned around a large cave like piece of wood where the male usually was to try and dissuade breeding a little. I've had this little round clown pleco for years, more then a few times wondered...
  2. FLGirl

    When You Wake Up To Eggs Everywhereeeee

    My Harlequin rasboras are at it again...... Sometimes I wake up and it looks like a spawn bomb exploded.... There everywhereee. They are probably the only ones to unsuccessfully breed in my community aquarium though... All the other tanks mates are always excited and trying to pick them off the...
  3. FLGirl

    Empty Nest Syndrome..

    Hi there, been awhile fishlorians ... Do any of you ever suffer from empty nest syndrome? .... Not long ago my bristlenose plecos started breeding like 50 of them are gone to LFS....still some smaller ones here and there...but now I'm missing them...wish I had kept this one or...
  4. FLGirl

    Mini canisters?

    I love my HW-304b so was considering a mini canister for when I set up one of my 10 gallons again. Most of the mini canisters I find seem to have very mixed reviews though. Anyone using a canister on their 10 gallon?
  5. FLGirl

    Cheaper LED fixtures for plants?

    Been researching and wondering what fixtures you are using on your 10 gallons. I want to get one of my 10 gallons setup again but need to upgrade equipment. I have the finnex planted+ on my 55 but not sure I want to spend that much on the 10 right now.
  6. FLGirl

    55 Gallon Planted Community: WIP: New Setup and Bolivian Ram

    Work In Progress: 55 Gallon Planted Community Hi, 55 gallon is finally set up. It's a work in progress. I will be adding new plants, new fish and more wood slowly. No new fish yet, just the tank itself is new, fish are older and upgrading. I spent the day breaking down other tanks and allot...
  7. FLGirl

    Does anyone know what this Top Fin® Aquarium Background looks like?

    Hello, Does anyone have this background ''Top Fin® Underwater Cave Aquarium Background'' or know what it looks like for a 55 gallon? Can't really tell much from the photo of the package.
  8. FLGirl

    Anyone have Titan Eze Metal Double Stands?

    Need a standard dimension 55 gallon stand. I was leaning towards a metal stand..hopefully easy to assemble, cheaper, clean and came across these: I was just going to get the Petco Brooklyn Metal Tank stand but they didn't have it in store and it's sold out online. Opinions? Anyone use them? I...
  9. FLGirl

    Spectraquartz, Ceramaquartz, Black Diamond Blasting... which is softest?

    Hi, I'm looking at the different comparisons and trying to figure out which black sand is the absolute finest. Soft and fluffy are words that come to mind in lack of better descriptors. I have Tahitian moon sand and it's rougher than I am looking for. Would hate to have to buy a big bag to...
  10. FLGirl

    What would you add?

    Just throwing ideas around...would love to hear yours too. I'm planning on upgrading one of 20 gallons to 55 so this would be nothing immediately done. I have a few least killifish and a Bolivian ram that will be moving to the 55 (Malaysian trumpet snails always come along too). It will be...
  11. FLGirl

    Mixing white and black sand maybe?

    Hi all, So, I'm planning on getting another tank eventually here - going back and forth but most likely upgrading my 20 gallon to a 55 will be the best option with my limited space. I was also thinking of taking one of my ten gallons down. It's been running with nothing in it but plants. My...
  12. FLGirl

    What's a good price for a 75 gallon?

    I live in central FL area. Iv been looking for a 75 gallon tank... it will be freshwater. Actually going back and forth between getting a 55 or 75. Haven't seen much on craigslist for awhile and most pet stores only sell it as a packaged type deal. I just need the tank since I'd be replacing...
  13. FLGirl

    Help How to fix hole in plastic hood & more

    I have this little tank I was given and it has hole and some cracking in the hood...I think it was from the lighting being ripped out. Does anyone know of a cheap way to repair that hole so maybe it could be painted over so it's not so noticeable...Ideas welcome I have not done all that much in...
  14. FLGirl

    What paint should I use to paint aquarium trim?

    Do you know of a paint that is safe to use on the outside plastic trim, hood etc? Id like to paint a whitish looking plastic on a tank black..What do you think?
  15. FLGirl

    How to tell the difference between a baby mystery snail and a baby pond snail?

    Does anyone know how to tell the difference between baby pond snails & baby mystery snails. I found some baby snails in one of my tanks...I know the most likely suspect is usually pond snail but just curious...they kinda look like little mystery snails but maybe not..
  16. FLGirl

    What kind of tank is this?

    I was given this tank and I'm not sure of it's size...they said maybe around 20.. It is small though, the dimensions are about 25 inches tall and 13 1/4 inches side and deep but on top and bottom it has a large section of plastic....I don't have a picture at the moment because someone broke my...
  17. FLGirl

    How long do you think it will take for MTS to stir the sand enough on their own?

    I finally decided to get some MTS about a month ago (avoided the idea for some time). Iv just now noticed some little babies. So far everything has been great I do see them occasionally but they are not over running my tanks.They are quite pretty actually. What I was wondering was how long do...
  18. FLGirl

    Safe & Good Quality Veggie/Algae Discs

    I know this info is somewhere but my search terms are not bringing it up. I'm trying to find a few names or a list of specific brands of discs that are safe for both fish and inverts (no copper). Thanks
  19. FLGirl

    Planning trip to Georgia aquarium

    Hi yall, I'm planning to a trip to the Georgia Aquarium this year. Does anyone have any tips for tickets, good times etc? The ticket recommendations they gave me were Premium Plus Pass, Behind The Scenes Tours, & Quick Dip Combo. I wouldn't mind going more than just one day and I want to...
  20. FLGirl

    Does anyone use petroleum jelly to adhere backgrounds?

    I purchased a new background for one of my tanks and whilst searching on search engines I found that some people use petroleum jelly to adhere backgrounds. One of my backgrounds is taped and the other I used the sea view gel. I was wondering how petroleum jelly would compare to sea view gel. I...

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