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    Pukani Rock

    I was wondering if i can use Pukani Rock from Bulk reef supply for my Freshwater community tank?
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    I'm planning to add Powerheads to a 75 gallon community tank and was wondering what type of rating i should get and how many
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    Sand for Community Tank

    I was wondering where i can find a sand substrate that won't effect the water parameter.
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    Freshwater Macro algae

    I was wondering if freshwater have Macro algae like Marine macro algae
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    75 Gallon Tank PAR Readings

    Today i got PAR readings on my Tank, and here what they are Bottom of the Tank: 48 Middle of the Tank: 60 Below the Water Line: 115 Above the Water: 150 My Tank is 20in Deep. Is there any Plants that can be used on the bottom of the Tank? if so what are their names?
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    RO systems

    well i narrow down to 2 choices and wanted to check out your guys opinions Reverse Osmosis 2 OUTPUT RODI WaterFilter. Extreme Typhoon 3. I have 2 75 gallon tanks and want to use for drinking it thx in advance
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    Will my fixture support plant

    Hello i want to adventure to owning real plants Currently I own a 55W 50/50 PC light will this support plant life? its a 30 Gallon tank
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    29 gallon Reef Tank

    Welcome to my ocean (Im still a noob on photographing ) Tank Specs: 29 gallon Tank (soon to be upgraded) 29 gallon Sump NH4: 0PPM NO2: 0PPM NO3: 0.5PPM PO: 0.5PPM CA: 400PPM MG: 1300PPM DKH: 11 PH: 8.3 Corals: 2 Frogspawn 1 Torch coral 1 Hammer Coral 6 head Alien Favia 1 Pink Birdnest 1...
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    Disinfect Live Rock

    Hi i just got some free live rock with aiptasia. obviously i want to completly destroy the anemone before i put it on my DT will bleach wipe it out? Or are there any simple methods? I dont care if it become regular base rock after the treatment
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    ID these corals

    Can you guys help me identify this corals the Red and the Purple one?
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    Identifying this coral

    Hi i just bought what is supposed to be a Starburst polyp, that what i was charged for but it does not look nothing like a polyp, can you guys help me out ID this coral
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    How to build your own filter media?

    Hi i was just wondering how to build your own filter media. im seeing marineland biowheel filter media looking pretty expensive. What do i need to have myself a custom filter media?
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    Cardinal fish diagnostic

    Hi i have a 55 gallon Fish only aquarium 2 Turbo snails 3 Hermit crabs 2 Clownfish 1 Firefish 1 (passed away) Cardinal fish Water Parameters Ph 7.8 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 20 SG 1.023 Ever since i got this cardinal 15 days ago acclimated him for an hour to reduce stress...
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    Aiptasia on FIOWLR

    Hi i have one clown fish and 1.5lbs of LR in 10 gallon tank I have read that this is a nuisance on reef tanks but should i worry on my FOWLR tank?
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    Question Water Parameters

    Hi, I have a 10 gallon Saltwater cycling for 3 weeks with only 1.50 lbs of live rock and CaribSea Florida Crushed Coral Geo-Marine, Penguin 125, Oceanic Salt Water Mix I have used Jungle strip kit Specific Gravity 1.025 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 10 or above Nitrates 40 KH 180 PH 7.4 Idk why i...
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    Great Value Ammonia Fishless Cycle

    Hi there i bought the GVA at walmart Ingridents are Ammonium Hydroxide Surfactant Will Freshwater fish food work to start the cycle?
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    My 30 Gallon tank

    This is just my new used tank really cool 6 Fancy guppies 2 Albino cory 1 Emerald cory
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    Most coloful fish for 30 gallon tank

    Hi everyone i have a used 30 gallon tank ready to go, i found out that this tank is way to small for marine fish. i as just wondering which are very colour full fish i can buy any suggestion would be appreciated.
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    Turtle Wax Heavy Duty

    will the wax remove the white crud on my used tank? i saw it on a thread is it safe? What is the best way to buff out scratches?
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    Ich Treatment

    HI my tetras are suffering from ich I bought wardley essential ick away and API aquarium salt How much salt should i add to my 10 gallon tank? How many days should i add salt? Do i need to remove the bio fiber, filter cartridge and turn off the filter. or can i just leave the...

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