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  1. andychrissytank

    Anyone Had Success With Only Stems?

    I got my hands on some mini amazons for like a dollar but it was because the leaves were pretty bad so instead of introducing dead leaves to the tank, I just clipped them all off (except like 2). Has anyone had success with the sprouts growing or something? I tried to google it but it did'nt...
  2. andychrissytank

    10 Gallon Platy And Friends Help :]

    So chrissy and I going to our lfs this friday and we need some help with our 10 gallon So far I have 2 platies a male and female Its planted already We're thinking (based on their stock because some reccomended species they dont have :[ ) 3 platies (1 male 2 female) 1 mystery snail 3-4 ghost...
  3. andychrissytank

    Platy X Swordtail 10 Gallon Tank?

    In my 10 gallon tank, I have 2 platies, a male and a female. Well the male is getting kinda feisty now (like in my other thread), so I'm going to get more females. I learned that platies and swordtails can crossbreed so can they satisfy the 1 male~3 female requirement? I have a baby tank for the fry...
  4. andychrissytank

    Aggressive Male Platy With Female Help!!

    Hey guys, this is kinda' urgent. So my male platy has been aggressive with the female platy, rushing at her and possibly nicking at her and then she swims into the corner and hides I have a baby breeder tank and I heard some people use it as a time out for like 10-15 minutes But do any of you...
  5. andychrissytank

    Platy Frybaby Fish Help!

    today i caught 2 off my fry and placed them in their own breeding holder One is orange and the other who looks younger is clearish white After trying to research some stuff, I didn't find anything conclusive about them maybe attacking each other? I would hate for that to happen but I need some...
  6. andychrissytank

    Help: Black Like Dust On Aggregate And Decorations

    hey all, I need help with this black dust that is appearing in my aquarium It is 1 month old with only 2 red mickey mouse tail platies but only recently there has been that dust when i take out the decorations for cleaning, the dust is hard to see but when its back in the water the dust starts...

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