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  1. FloydtheBetta

    Help beginner with co2 advice

    Hi everyone, I’m seriously considering adding co2 to my 10 gallon tank but it’s really confusing so I’m looking for some answers here. 1) would this kit (Here) be good for me if I run a HOB filter, I heard HOBs tend to make you lose co2 or something like that because of the surface agitation? (Also...
  2. FloydtheBetta

    Help Advice for 10 gallon betta tank

    Hey everyone, so it’s been a while since I’ve been active on here— long story short, my beloved betta Floyd died getting stuck between a decoration and the glass in his tank. I was so upset about it I really couldn’t imagine getting another fish. It took all I had just to keep the tank going for...
  3. FloydtheBetta

    Help Pest Infested Hornwort

    Okay so I ordered hornwort from aquatic arts about a month ago, but when it got here I noticed it looked strange. There were random globs of unidentified randomness on it so I decided to take a .5 gal mason jar I had around and stick it in there for awhile to “quarantine” it but I really know...
  4. FloydtheBetta

    1 Gallon Tank Jarrariums As Gifts?

    I was bored last night and decided to start a jarrarium with some extra rock and plants I had. Anyone else have one of these? I’d love to see some pics! Also, I’m thinking of giving a couple of them as gifts. I’m graduating in a couple weeks and I was thinking my thesis advisor would...
  5. FloydtheBetta

    Question Acrylic Aquarium Stand

    Hey everyone, I’m planning my second tank and I’ve decided on a rimless UNS 9 gallon. Since I’m going all out I want to make it look as sleek as possible and I really like the look of a glass/clear stand but worry about it supporting the weight. Do you think an acrylic table like this (pic...
  6. FloydtheBetta

    Help Help With Api Ph Reading

    I’ve been consistently getting this reading with my api test kit for ph. When I do the regular ph it seems to be near 7.6, but then I do the high range and I get 7.4. I’ve been taking this to mean my ph is near 7.4, any clarification would be appreciated! Pics of my readings below
  7. FloydtheBetta

    Question Baby Shrimp And Filter

    Hey everyone, I have tried to attach a sponge to my filter intakes to keep the baby shrimp from getting sucked in but I haven’t figured out a way to get it to stay yet. I have two berried shrimp in my tank at the moment so I’m a bit concerned. Will baby shrimp fit through this type of...
  8. FloydtheBetta

    3 Nerites, 2 Weeks, No Eggs?

    Hey everyone, I got 3 red racer nerite snails a couple of weeks ago. I reluctantly accepted the fact that I would have their white eggs everywhere but I haven’t seen any yet. It seems unlikely I would have happened to end up with all boys. Does this sound normal?
  9. FloydtheBetta

    Question Planning The Stock For My Second Tank

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on starting up a second betta tank this summer-- I want to do something big enough for me to add other fish, but still as small as possible because large tanks are unfortunately not feasible for me for a few more years. So I've been doing a lot of research and I think...
  10. FloydtheBetta

    Question Normal For Filter Media To Look Like This?

    i added a couple bags of fluval biomax to my filter for extra filtration and to keep for a future second tank. Just noticed it has a lot of brown and green on it. I’m sure the green is algae but not sure about the brown. Is this normal?
  11. FloydtheBetta

    Attached My First Baby Java Fern To Driftwood—proud Parent

    Just wanted to share my first baby java fern on driftwood. One is narrow leaf java fern. I’m a proud plant parent today as I kill all plants above water.
  12. FloydtheBetta

    Help Inactive Blue Shrimp?

    Hey everyone. I added 11 blue dream shrimp to my 6.8g betta tank about a week ago and so far I haven’t noticed any of them dead. My tank is extremely heavily planted though, so I only see around 4 at a time and I could have missed any potential bodies. About a day after I put them in the...
  13. FloydtheBetta

    Important Help! What Are These Worm Like Things?

    Just noticed worm like things all over the glass of my aquarium and swimming around. They are extremely small. I looked online but can’t figure it out. They don’t look like planaria to me. I did tested my water a few days ago. 0,0,5 Inhabitants: betta, 3 nerites, 11 blue dream shrimp. Lots...
  14. FloydtheBetta

    Want To Sell Santa Barbara Beach Driftwood

    Hey everyone! I realized some of you may be looking for driftwood so I thought I would start shipping it out. I’m willing to look for specific sizes/shapes if you want. There’s a spot I go for driftwood that has tons to choose from. I’ll send as much as you want for $5 + the cost of...
  15. FloydtheBetta

    Help Cycling/water Change Question

    Hi everyone. I recently switched my betta over to a 6.8 gallon and used the media from my old tank. I also added 3 nerite snails and some blue shrimp. It had a nitrite spike at first but I added safe start and now the levels are staying at: ammonia 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate 10-20 (seriously...
  16. FloydtheBetta

    Question Shrimp In Hiding

    I got 11 blue shrimp yesterday and put them in my super heavily planted betta tank. Since there are so many places to hide I can usually only see 3 or 4 at a time. I’m just worried some will die and I won’t know. Will their bodies mess with my water conditions?
  17. FloydtheBetta

    Important Help! New Red Racer Nerite With Cracked Shell.

    I ordered 2 red racer nerites from aquatic arts. They got here today and I was surprised to find they sent me 3. Only thing is, one of them has a crack in his shell that’s a tiny bit separated and I can see his lil snail body inside. He’s the most active of them all ironically, will it heal on...
  18. FloydtheBetta

    Help Bonsai/christmas Moss Question

    Hey all, I got a bonsai today and added Christmas moss. Is it normal for it to be brown like this at first in spots? Will it get greener with time? Thanks!
  19. FloydtheBetta

    First Tank And I Pulled Off A Bonsai!

    I redesigned my betta 6.8g betta tank today and added a bonsai and ohko stone. Not perfect but I’m pleased. I’m going to change the placement of the tree once it sinks on it’s own so you can see more of the stones!
  20. FloydtheBetta

    Question Stocking 6.8 Gallon

    Hey! My lucky betta Floyd upgraded from a cup, to a 3.7 gallon, to a 6.8 gallon in less than a month . Just wondering what I could potentially add to the tank with him.

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