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    New 40b, New Rack

    And tons of workload and back hurting. Still waiting for my plants and scape it good. And a light for my 29 gal.
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    Thicccccc Mama

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    Want To Sell Wts Healthy Golden Mystery Snail Babies/juveniles And Baby Chocolate Bn Pleco

    Mystery snails: Pea size $1 each Quarter size $2 each Adult size $3 each +$5 for shipping Home bred, I diy their food so they can get good calcium and other minerals; thus they have very strong shell. Minimal growth lines. also willing to give some samples and share the recipe upon request...
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    Be Aware When You Refill With Python

    I guess it’s my bad. I ripped part of my betta’s tail fin when refilling with python. He’s too ambitious and curious and swimmers into the stream and the stream is strong enough to literally rip it off. So be mindful, control your water stream esp with a smaller tank when using python. I...
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    Question What Are These?

    Copepod? **** are these? There are literally tons in my tank. Swimming around. Doesn’t seem to bother my shrimp at all tho. They kinda jerk around when they swim.
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    Python Thumbs Up!

    Just wanna say, I get tired of carrying 1 gallon bottle, pretreat, and etc. 10gal is ok. 29 is nightmare already. So I got a python with an extension. It’s very expensive. But saved my back!!!!
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    Holiday Surprise - Shrimp Mating

    I waked up and saw all my male shrimps swim like there’s no tomorrow. And I witnessed the whole process of mating. And moving the eggs from her saddle to her abdomen. Very interesting. Very cool process and hopefully she don’t ditch her eggs.
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    Kept Dropping Eggs

    I have a dedicated shrimp only tank hosting 10ish blue velvet/dream shrimps. This is the third time I notice them dropping their eggs. First I thought maybe they are inexperienced. Now I am just so confused. :/ Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are all 0 TDS 200ish Kh 6 Gh 8 Java moss...
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    Funny Ramshorn Snail Two Heads?

    What is that!!!! Looks like two heads ****.
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    Want To Sell Want To Rehome Baby Water Lettuce

    I have some healthy baby water lettuce that I want to rehome. They are in my aquarium: 8 hours/day led light. Roots are green!!! 5 pieces 7 dollars 10 pieces 10 dollars 20 pieces 16 dollars Shipping is 5 dollars adding to the purchase. Combined purchase is ok. PM inbox me if interested.
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    Shrimp Not Eating And Drop Eggs

    Hey shrimp keepers. Quick question: my blue velvet will eat off my driftwood and my water lettuce root/ rotten fallen root. But they never eat my feeding. I tried omega one fish flake, algae pellet, homemade food. Nothing excites them. They are pooping. I can see some poop on my plant leaf...
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    Funny Mama Shrimpy

    Almost ready for a male shrimp Hahahaha.
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    Shrimp Molt Or Dead?

    I bought 20 blue velvet with 19 arrived alive. Today when I try to do a head count, there’s only 10ish. I do have driftwood, Moss etc for them to hide. Are they just good hiders? My ammonia/nitrate and nitrite are 0. Cycled tank. GH KH both around 120-180. TDS is around 200. Also is this a...
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    New Tank Running

    New tank ready for some blue velvet. Can’t wait.
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    Detritus Or Planaria

    Very tiny worm. Never saw them get large. Do you think this is planaria? I’m planning to get shrimp for this tank.
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    Shrimp With Mystery Snail?

    I have some mystery snail babies. Like 30ish. I’m planning to get a 10 gallon tank to breed my shrimp. Do you think they are compatible or do you think the snails are too much for the shrimp. I know they poop crazy once they grow big. What’s your thought? Shrimp breeding only or shrimp...
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    How Long To Fully Cycle

    How long does it take for a tank to cycle if I use a mature filter from another fully cycled tank? Instant cycled? Or no? Does using water from matured tank helps when setting it up? Or as long as the filter stays, it’s ok?
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    Malaysian Vs Cholla?

    Which is your preference? Why? Is there a superiority when it comes to a shrimp tank?
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    Hahahah. 3 Survivors/grown-ups

    I don’t intentionally breed my platies, nor do I try to save all the fry when it happens. Haha. But these are the 3 survivors that now happily live in the main tank. Do they even know who their parents are lollll.
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    Adf No Fertilization Happening.

    I have a female adf and a male adf. I’ve seen her laying eggs twice. But no fruition yet. I think the male doesn’t get them fertilized. What shall I do? Just let nature takes it course and wait? Or should I introduce more female/male. Also, is it true that fertilized eggs will float that non...

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