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  1. M0T0

    My female convict

    I finnally got a decent pic of her, I have been trying for a couple weeks now, But here she is !! Here's one of her mate big daddy he's is. Like 10 times her size
  2. M0T0

    Pink Convicts

    My pink convicts spawned a lil over a week ago Heres a video of them a few hours after they started free swimming.
  3. M0T0

    10 Gallon Tank 10 G Ram tank

    I'm about to setup a 10 gallon for my ram pair I just got I'm wondering if I should leave it bare bottom or I have some black sand/gravel I could use what do you think? This tank will be just for the rams and maybe some pond snails.
  4. M0T0

    5 Gallon Tank scored at a thrift store today

    Found this 5 gallon sitting at a thrift store today, It's missing a lid and heater but its not that dirty and there no scratches it came with AC 20 filter, gravel, and a bunch of other stuff. It had no price on it so I took it to the counter and said hey There's no price on this I got 7 bux left will...
  5. M0T0

    what type of catfish is this

    They were marked as upsidedown catfish for 8.99 at petco but not swimming upsidedown lol. I thinks its a featherfin catfish just not sure. If its a featherfin sweet there normally 30$
  6. M0T0

    guppy deaths

    So I got a few guppys about two months ago. And there were 5 baby fry I asked them if I could have them for free and they gave em to me any ways they were all 5 females wich was fine but now that there almost full grown they have been dying for unknown reasons. They are in a 5 gallon with two other...
  7. M0T0

    found snail in my tank this morning

    He must have hitched a ride on eaither the hornwort or money wort. But just found him today. He has been growing fast. What kind of snail is he and can it reproduce by itself? Sorry bad pic ill try to get a better later
  8. M0T0

    Help Female guppy?

    Black spot went away and now kinda looks like a male. Took me awhile to get decent pic but here they are. Doesn't chase the other females so I think its female just duble checking
  9. M0T0


    My female is getting plump and getting super reddish. this will be 2nd spawn I'm hoping it happens soon. They are getting aggressive even when I come up to the tank they come try to chase me off lol.
  10. M0T0

    Question my 25 gallon planted tank

    So right now the tank has a pair of gbrs, and 4 kuhli loaches. I need some suggestions for another bottom feeder maybe a small school of dwarf corys? And an algae eater I was thinking some ottos or sae? Does this sound good? Any suggestions please and thanks.
  11. M0T0

    30 Gallon Tank 30 Gallon

    So I did a deep clean took all the rocks out and vacuumed 50% WC then redid the rocks . Left a bunch out but I think it looks better. Also I took measurements and found out its a 25 gallon. But oh well. Oh I also took ot the BN Pleco out so hopefully the GBR's will have a succesfull spawn next time...
  12. M0T0

    deformed guppy

    If she lives and has babies will they be deformed . Or bad idea. And if its bad idea is it ok to feed her to another fish?
  13. M0T0

    Rescued a JackDempsey today

    Saw an ad on craigslist last night before I went to bed . Woke up this morning emailed the lady. Got a call back within 35 minutes, she said to come at 4. So I went and got him today. Omggg I seriously wanted to go off on these ppl. He was in a 20Gallon that had no filter, only an undergravel...
  14. M0T0

    Help Diy co2

    Does any one have a blueprint/diagram of a home made diy co2 settup, and any other info on it would be much appreciated, I tryed searching and couldnt find much . any help is appreciated thanks M0T0MATT
  15. M0T0

    Help Longfin danios

    So today after feeding time I was checking out my 30 gallon planted tank and noticed one of the danios had a lot of fin damage, then I look at the others and they all are damaged. I was very upset about it has they had reallllllly long beautiful fins. So I caught them all right away and moved them to...
  16. M0T0

    very small amount of hair algae

    I was thinking of just getting some SAE. But then my LFS suggested floridae flagfish. I've done a lil bit of research on them and I guess they can be agressive. Its only a little bit. Id rather not use excel. My tank is understocked now as I had to take my longfin danios out some one has nipped...
  17. M0T0

    My pleco Big Bob

    This guy has some really cool leopard spots very cool looking. I got him when he has about 3inches he almost 7 inches now. Growing fast faster then the convicts which is good. Big Bob
  18. M0T0

    Question Waterlily

    This plant has grown crazy and is taking a lot of the light from the lower plants would it be ok to trim a couple of the long stems with the leaves on top of the water?
  19. M0T0

    skilter filter 250 moded for my 30 gallon freshwater tank

    I picked this filter up from a buddy with a big box of media for it for 5$ This thing is awesome it runs really quiet since I'm not running air into the motor like a power head. And has tons of room for media.I put two of the white media sponges one with carbon one without. A bacteria songe...
  20. M0T0

    55 Gallon Tank snail missing

    So I got this snail to help eat algae. He's yellow mistery snail I have not seen him all day. I've had him for about two months. Got him when he was the size of a dime he's almost the size of a golf ball now. And I cannot find him any where. He is usually snailing around the tank like some kind...

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