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  1. HitchHiker

    Is this blood???

    Came home from work today and found one of my SAE Had a red dorsal fin. The only thing that I can think of is maybe its blood?? I have dosed the tank with Melafix, should I pull him/her out and put in a QT?
  2. HitchHiker

    Simple CO2 Diffuser

    Well I was trying to figure out how to setup a diffuser for my DIY CO2. The problem was that I didn't find a solution that I liked for getting a good surface area to fully diffuse the CO2. Then I saw the the post . That gave me the idea to modify a little pump that I found at my parents...
  3. HitchHiker

    Is there such a thing as too much light?

    For an early Father's day present, I got a new lighting from my wife. I have a 55 gal tank, and this lighting set up came with 2 12000K daylight 54 watt T5HO bulbs, and 2 54 watt T5HO Actinic Blue bulbs in it. If I understand everything correctly this should put me into 4+ watts per gallon...
  4. HitchHiker

    So which one would you choose and why?

    I am going to be building a custom hood for my 55 gal tank. So I figure that it would be the perfect time to upgrade my lighting. I am going to be planting my tank, and so I need to be sure that there is enough lighting for then plants. Here are the two that I kinda settled on. So I was...
  5. HitchHiker

    What does the "F" stand for?

    I have been research fluorescent lighting and have a good understanding of the differences between the different "T"s (i.e. T12,T8,T6,T5), but what does the "F" refer to (i.e. F4 F12 F13 F14)?
  6. HitchHiker

    LFS Review section?

    I was wondering if we could have a section for LFS. It could be broken down by state and then region to make it easy to find stores in our area. I am finding that I as explore different stores that are within a couple hours drive from me that I would love to have a place to share my...
  7. HitchHiker

    Traveling with fish

    What would be the best way to travel long distance with fish? It will be by car and be a minimum of 12 hours. Is it possible? and what would be the best way to do it?
  8. HitchHiker

    Now you can walk your fish too

    Found this today, and couldn't stop laughing.
  9. HitchHiker

    Box Filter

    I saw this and at the price I couldn't pass it up. So I was thinking of using it as an emergency filter. Since it is uses and air pump to move the water and you can/should have battery air pumps for when the power goes out for extended periods of time, I was wondering how well it would...
  10. HitchHiker

    Need suggestions on plants

    My 13 gallon quarantine tank is currently empty, and I have been wanting to do some experiments with pants and ammonia absorption. From what I have read water plants for the most part prefer to absorb ammonia before nitrates. So what I was wondering is what would be some very common plants...
  11. HitchHiker

    Question GPH vs volume of the filter

    Ok I know that for HOB filters that the GPH should be 10 times the size of the tank, and that a canister filter should be 5 times the size of the tank. But if I am building my own filter, how do I determine the volume of filter media that I will need? For example if I have a canister that...
  12. HitchHiker

    Fish in a bottle

    I finally got my new Raphael Catfish. He has been great, and its fun to see where he will go. He likes to dig in the sand and squeeze into ever nook and cranny. Being as how he love the night life, its always interesting to see where he will be in the morning. Well this morning I got up and...
  13. HitchHiker

    Blue Gourami's Fighting???

    I took advantage of PetsMarts $1 fish sale and picked up a couple of Blue Gouramies. I got the first on Sat. and she joined the community very nicely everyone was getting along just great. I thought that the blue would look good and so I thought that would get one more, and as the this was a...
  14. HitchHiker

    Help Is this Ich???

    This appeared on one of my female swordtails this morning. I was wondering if this was ich? All of my water test came up normal for my tank: Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5+ pH 7.6 temp 77
  15. HitchHiker

    UV filters

    I was wondering if anyone uses as UV filter, and if so what do you us it for and how do you like it? The reason that I ask is because I have been looking at building one.
  16. HitchHiker

    Finally Posting my Tank

    Here are my tanks. Currently my 55 gal is housing my 4 Botia Kubotai and 6 Hi Fin Lyre Swordtails. And here is my daughters tank. It is housing 3 Fancy Guppies and 2 Platies.
  17. HitchHiker

    So how do read your color chart?

    One thing that I see mentioned over and over here is how at times it is difficult to read the color charts of test kits. So I was wondering how do you read it. For me I place it against the card to give it a good white background and then directly under the stove light. For me I have...
  18. HitchHiker

    A Big Thank you to Fish Lore Members

    I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that have given me so much help the past couple of months. Thanks to your help I have been able to set up my daughters tank with and it instant cycled using some of the media from my filter. She is so excited about the tank and I know that the...
  19. HitchHiker

    Platies and the Male to female ratio

    So last night while I was at the local walmart with my eldest daughter we of course had to look at the fish, well she has had her hopes set on a betta for a long time, actually on betta in particular, and he was finally gone. Well with him gone she started looking at the other fish there and...
  20. HitchHiker

    Don't think that my bacteria was strong enough

    Well everything has been going great and all my readings were exactly as I thought that they should be. Then on day 23 of the new tank ( Jan. 2) the ammonia went up to .25. I figured that it was because I had been playing with the decorations and so mixed up a lot of the sand. So I removed 10...

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