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    New Videos of the tanks

    plec shows himself for once Longer vid
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    Male CT with female betta..

    In a 10 gallon, can I do it?
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    I too need assistance in naming my CT betta

    I wanted something darkish sounding... here he is..
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    New CT betta!! (pics)

    Ok so I got a new CT, i have not owned a betta in many years, I was much younger and didn't know jack about fish keeping. So you can imagine how long those fish lasted under my care ;\ But several tropical tanks and endless hours of research later I am a new uhh.. hobbyist. A better one anyway...
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    Stocking 10 Gallon Tank w/ Betta

    I have a 29 and 10 gallon tank both have been running for quite some time.. the 10 gallon is kinda ugly and boring and just has a bunch of baby guppys in and like 3 females and a male... i wana get rid of all of them, give away to the lfs or something and re decorate, re scape, plant the tank a...
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    Considering Reef Setup

    Hello everyone. I have absolutely NO experience with marine/saltwater setups but have always wanted to have a reef tank. What has kept me away from it was the stigma it has for being so difficult (and also a bit more pricey but that doesn't bother me too much as it seems worth it) I only have...
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    German Blue Ram Aggression.. or something else?

    Hello everyone, I have a 29 Gallon tank, in it are 11 neon tetras, 2 German Blue Rams, A Flame Gourami, 5 Pangio Kuhli, and a L129(i think) pleco. Lately the smaller German Blue is being chased by the larger, I think they are both males but I am not positive. Imma post some pictures of em...
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    Hypancistrus ID please?

    He decided to go out for a stroll so I siezed the opportunity carefully removing his caves and driftwood, then i started taking shots.. he got spooked once he saw the orange ready light from the camer, freaked out looking for his cave.. hope i didnt spook him too bad.. in the video he seemed...
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    Worst Moments In FishKeeping

    I think mine has to be when I came home and decided to do a water change, failing to realize that the 150 W heater was burst open inside. Stuck my hand in to remove some decorations, and I got a shocking surprise to say the least. The fish were swimming around like normal completely unaffected...
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    Finally Done(for now) How'd I do?

    hi everyone, I'm new here. I just recently re-stocked and re-decorated my 29 gallon freshwater tropical setup. It was running for 3 yrs before i decided to make these changes.. In it now are 2 german blue rams.. 2 bolivian rams (which will be re-housed to a 20 gallon soon).. 1 flame...

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