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  1. Herkimur

    Teach Me How To Fryfish!

    The question is: Can someone tell/teach me how to catch fry in a planted tank, specifically the one in the picture. I've made a fry-trap out of a small plastic water bottle, but none of the fish have any interest in going inside. Problem is that I have so much 'natural' food in the entire...
  2. Herkimur

    Worm Or Poop?

    My skinny little Platy is see-through in color and a few days ago, after placing them all into the main tank, noticed her belly finally getting bigger but also something curly under the skin. The fish has been dewormed with Levamisole 3x before moved. She never ate in the QT, just kinda nibbled...
  3. Herkimur

    How Long To Do Quarantine?

    So I started a quarantine with some Platies and the introduction to the QT went well. One of them had babies and they're in a breeder box within the same tank munching away on different fry food. How long would it take for external parasite infestation to show symptoms in adult fish at 74-75°F ?
  4. Herkimur

    New Fish Hatched Fry In Qt

    So yesterday I bought 6 little Platy and one of them looked quite 'fat'. Acclimation and everything went well, they even ate their first medicated breakfast (Praziquantel flakes). But, about an hour later I thought I saw one of the fish scratch itself on decor, and not wanting to take any...
  5. Herkimur

    So Proud Of Myself

    Been working hard redoing my main tank and cycling my old 20gl as a QT. The first time I had fish I pretty much did everything wrong. Now that I know my stuff, I have an entire cabinet full of fish meds, cycled the 20gl and 40gl simultaneously. The 20 gl was up to processing 2.5ppm Ammonia...
  6. Herkimur

    Nerite Snail Question

    Which Nerite Snail is most likely to turn itself over after it falls off a leaf and lands upside down on the gravel? Zebra, Horned,...? Any help appreciated !
  7. Herkimur

    Stocking Question

    How many Platies are required to form a comfortable group? And how many female only Platies would be comfortable in a 40 gl Breeder tank? True water volume is probably 35 gallons, the plant substrate is 3" thick. Any help appreciated !
  8. Herkimur

    Where To Place In-and Outlet Pipes ?

    Last week I ordered my first canister filter, an Eheim 2215. So far I love this thing, it is SOOO quiet. My concern is where I should put the intake in comparison to my outlet: the spray bar. Do I create a round flow/current ? Do I place it near the spray bar or far away ? I'd like to not have...
  9. Herkimur

    Magnetic Soil ?????

    Would you guys buy this? It looks OLD and is magnetic!!!!!? I am at PetCo right now trying to decide...
  10. Herkimur

    Betta Behavior Question

    All I ever read is that people put Bettas in small tanks, 2.5 , 5 , maybe even a 10 gallon tank but how would a Betta fish behave in a 40 gallon breeder tank with heavy planting ? All by himself ... lonely?
  11. Herkimur

    How Do I Qt Shrimp?

    Ok so my obvious question is first of all do I need gravel or live plants in a shrimp QT ? Are they ok running in place on a glass floor? What do I look for as far as disease goes? And how do I treat them since they're vulnerable to just about every single medicine out there? Tomorrow my...
  12. Herkimur

    Which Eheim To Get?

    Finally, April is almost here and I am getting a new Water Filter for my 40 gallon breeder tank. I've decided to get an Eheim Classic Canister Filter and just have a question for all you fish nerds out there. For a 40 gl Breeder tank which will have TONS of plant growth and floating ones, too...
  13. Herkimur

    High Ph, Am I Doomed?

    Greetings Fishlore, I have been checking out different plant species to change my boring 40 gallon with feeder fish into something a little more fancy with plants. To my demise I found out that at my PH I can only grow 2 plants successfully over time which is Vallisneria + Java Moss. My PH is...
  14. Herkimur

    Feeding Raw/prev. Frozen Fish To Oscar

    Ok so my question is, can I feed my future Oscar fish chopped up, home-made food? I've been researching this fish like crazy since I fell in love with this species and really want to spoil one. Diet will be raw fruit like melons, berries, apples, peaches, bananas and oranges (with the occasional...
  15. Herkimur

    Saying Good-bye To My Crays

    So...last fall we rescued a couple bait crayfish that someone tossed out onto dry land with no water around for miles and freezing temperatures already at night. It's a good thing we took our dogs walking that day! Anyways, the crayfish were barely twitching a leg or two, on their backs with...
  16. Herkimur

    What Color Is My Ammonia Vial?

    Anyone else think the color chart for ammonia is a bit off? No matter how I look at it I always see a hint of green ... maybe I'm too paranoid. What do you guys think?
  17. Herkimur

    Treating Finrot During Crayfish Molt

    We bought a 40 gl tank to accommodate our rescued inhabitants, because the 20 gl we had was obviously too small. After moving the lucky bait (minnows and crayfish) into their new home, some of the minnows showed signs of finrot which we immediately treated with API Melafix and API Pimafix...
  18. Herkimur

    What Could The White Specks Be In Photos

    I have been trying to find out what this white stuff is invading my fake log in my aquarium to no avail. It seems to be multiplying rapidly on only the fake log, which is partially under the waterfall. No other decor is affected, fish are fine, too. Has anyone ever seen white sprinkles of flour...

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