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  1. ZaydG

    Does My Betta Have Fin Rot?

    Ik its hard to see in the e but i think my betta has fin rot. His tail fins are split more and the tips are decoloring and slowly crumbling. What can i do?
  2. ZaydG

    Fish Keep Getting Stuck In Filters

    Hi everyone, So i got 3 platies and a swordtail about a month ago before i learned how to set it up. This weekend I am getting more to do it right, but all 4 of my fish have gotten stuck in the filter and died, 1 by 1. Any solutions cuz im rlly tired of my fish dying and i feel so bad even...
  3. ZaydG

    Do I Need Plants In My 5 And 10 gallon Tank?

    Hi everyone, I currently have a 5 gallon betta tank and a 10 gallon that i don't know what to do with yet. I was wonderig do i need real plants, i have some fake ones now, and if so what are good plants for beggininers and how do i take care of them? Ty
  4. ZaydG

    Good Small Fish?

    Afternoon, or whatever time your reading this, everyone So i have a 10 gallon tank and I'm still not sure what I'm getting, but decided its best to put the small fish first, so the aggresive fish don't get first territory. Im not sure what fish i want to get, but i want something passive, non nippy...
  5. ZaydG

    What Can I Do With My Swordtail?

    Hi all, I have a 10 gallon that I'm going to put a betta in, but when I fisrt got the tank, I bought a swordtail. I did the research, they can't live with anything that fits in a 10 gallon, and are supposed to be in a 20 themselves. He's all alone, and just dashes around hitting the glass, barely eating...
  6. ZaydG

    Where Can I Get Fish?

    Hi all, So I've created a bunch of threads on what fish to get cuz im a newbie, but the majority of the fish i want arent at my LFS, petsmart (theres also a petco and walmart but they have even less choices). Like endlers or dario dario, they aren't at petsmart. There arent even RCS there...
  7. ZaydG

    New To Bettas, Help

    Hi FishLoreians, I have a 10 gallon tank that im still not sure how to stock. I am thinking getting a Betta and 3 heteromorpha rasboras. How much space do rasbora need? My tank is cycled has fake plants and a log, any thing else it might need? Are there more compatible fish for bettas? Do i need...
  8. ZaydG

    Neon Tetras, Help Plz

    Hi everyone, I have created other thread on good starter fish for my tank. I want to get 6 neon tetras because of their colors, but i know nothing about them and have to go to school. My tank has a log and some fake plants, any tips on housing neon tetras?
  9. ZaydG

    Can I Put 1 Medium Fish In A 5 Gallon Tank?

    Hi all, this is my 3rd thread today, but I'm curious. I just started stocking my 10 gallon tank, and I have a 5 gallon left over from my betta that i gave to my cousin. It's filtered heated and everythings fine. Would it be possible to put just one medium fish in it? Like a Tetra, Barb or DG...
  10. ZaydG

    What Is Good Starter Fish For Beginners

    Hi everyone, Im looking for a good starter fish for a 10 gallon tank. I'm rehoming my swordtails which previously lived there. What is a nice colorful fish that can be alone or with 1 or 2 other fish? I dont want something super aggresive, because i want to be able to hold other fish if i am to get a...
  11. ZaydG

    Can I Put A Platy And Cherry Barb In The Same Tank?

    Hi everyone, Im new to aquariums. I let it filter and got a swordtail. He's like 2 inches but very pasaive. The petsmart woman said not to mix species cuz i have small tank, but if i only have like 2 or 3 fish, could i get a cherry bard to put in with my swordtail? Ive wanted a barb since I got...

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