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  1. RonJ

    Red Spotted Severums A Miracle Spawn

    A miracle spawn. Red Spotted Severums. No brineshrimp so started with first bites. Lousy parents. Started eating eggs and I removed the eggs before even they were wrigglers. Had to go on a 2day trip didn’t get a chance to remove fungused eggs. Came back and removed next day wigglers all...
  2. RonJ

    Question Laetacara Araguaiae?

    Shop labeled as Laetacara Araguaiae. But I have my doubts. Arent they just stressed out EBAs?
  3. RonJ

    Question A Curious Case Of Slimy Sickness

    A friend of mine from Malaysia, kept calling me with a problem. He has two blood parrots cross with mid devils, 2 loisellei and 2 regular body middevils in a 75gallon tank(4ft(L)x1.5ft(W)x2ft(H)). All are not fully matured. But 6" to 8" in size. What he says is, now he is forced to change 60%...
  4. RonJ

    Question A Suggestion For 4months Grow Out For Amphs

    Suggest me Optimum grow out "TANK" size for 4-6months for this stock of all 2” Amphs. 4x A. Citrinellus, 4x A. Lyonsi and 2x A. Trimaculatus I am eventually going to keep only a pair of Citrinellus and Lyonsi and 1 Trimaculatus in the end. Unless by some miracle my Trimaculatus comes as a...
  5. RonJ

    Help Pls Help Confirm My Venting Middevils

    Pls confirm Fish A, Fish B are females and Fish C and Fish D are males. Smallest is 5” size. Fish A(Female) Fish B(Female) Fish C(Male) Fish D (Male)
  6. RonJ

    Question Could You Please Help Id This Fish?

    A catfish? Or?
  7. RonJ

    Help Can Someone Pls Help Id These Cichlid Fry?

    I took over them with some equipment/tank while someone was relocating. He doesn't know what they are. He bought 3 of them anyway
  8. RonJ

    Question Grow Out Tank Suggestions

    I am planning to keep an agressive CA community. in a 180Gallon(6ftx2ftx2ft). Which currently is with a friend of mine. He will be moving to his new home mid next year and leave the tank to me. I wanna grow out fishes for that tank. These are the ones I have currently all in between 1" to 1.5"...
  9. RonJ

    Question Can Anyone Id This?

    Looks like a dwarf Cichlid. Apistogramma type
  10. RonJ

    Question Amphilophus Setup

    Last 2 months I have been quite busy so been out action. But all my tanks are doing pretty okay... Now thinking of rearranging some stocks. I have been seeing Amphilophus community setups over the years... 5ft(5x2x2) 150 gallon tank is a good start? I know I need to overstock it... But what you...
  11. RonJ

    A Regular A. Rivulatus Or?

    All the pieces I have had slightly different pattern and usually orange on the fins. Is this just a regular A. Rivulatus?
  12. RonJ

    Do Iridovirus From Dwarf Gourami Infect Angel Fish Or Other South American Cichlids?

    Or the iridovirus found in fresh water angel fish a different strain? Can they jump species and infect any cichlids?
  13. RonJ

    Went To A Decommissioned Quarry Turned Lake

    I think all these fishes that are released by owners. Some ritualistically. Some otherwise. Now National parks maintain it. No more poaching/fishing/feeding and releasing outlawed. Many fish look like Central American Cichlids. And I also found a spawning Red Devil male, Blood parrot female...
  14. RonJ

    Looks Like A Male Right?

    It is 2.5” including the finnage, in a 40 gallon breeder(temporarily) partitioned in to 2. With 4 fishes. A female blood parrot(4”) and male convict(4.5”) on one side and a female JD(4”) with it on the other side. He picks fights with female JD from time to time. Because she is big she stands her...
  15. RonJ

    Look Like Convicts

    Found them in a former quarry in Singapore. Must have been “released” by owners
  16. RonJ

    Question A Black-belt Cichlid Juvenile?

    Is this a black-belt cichlid juvenile? It's quite nasty. It is only 2", but then went on to fight a 3" Firemouth and created severe damage to it's finnage, Then killed 3 cory cats. All in a week's time in it's new tank. Right now in a holding area. It was got beaten up earlier in the other tank...
  17. RonJ

    A Female Jack Dempsey Right?

    At first I thought this was a male JD But as it consistently shows a darker underside seems like it’s a female? It is 4” now. 7months or so old.
  18. RonJ

    Can Someone Help Sex My Rotkeil Severums

    I always thought they Fish A was a male and Fish B was a female, now I have my doubts. They are in a deep 90. Too lazy to catch them. Can anyone confirm whether they both are females, males or which one is which? Fish A around 1.5years old aroun d 7+" Fish B: around 1 year old around 6" it...
  19. RonJ

    This Looks A Guapote What Is It?

    Just found this. Around 4” long specimen. There are tiny teeth outside of the lips What is it? A juvenile dovii? Or a hybrid or a known species? A lot of sparkling blue/green But a Dovii has so much sparkle? It is JD like sparkle

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