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    Flashing Guppies

    I wish I never had to post here. After I put down my previously sick yellow guppy (the alcohol trick didn't work like it was supposed to, so the whole experience was terrible), I thought of taking all of my guppies to my art teacher tomorrow, as none were sick. Now they're all flashing...
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    20 Gallon Tank Sick, overcrowded guppies?

    My guppy population has exploded, and I know I have way too many. I will ask about this later. I have a guppy who is always getting sick; right now, she is standing on her heading, floating around. I know it's some sort of swim bladder problem. I'm out of meds, though, and I have cories...
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    My tank is falling apart...

    Now, I'm at another house for certain reasons, so I don't have constant access to the tank. After checking back up on it, it's a mess. It seems my tank has taken a turn for the worst. After a week's treatment of Melafix and observation, I finally had to put down Banner the guppy (and I hope...
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    Just a few questions and a follow up.

    My guppy just had fry. Again. And there's so many of them. I tell myself to see which ones survive and go from there, but as soon as I see a fry in the tank, I have to hunt them all down. :\ What do I do now? I don't mind that they breed- I love breeding fish. But there's too many, too...
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    What's going on? Please help!

    So I noticed my male guppy floating close to the bottom. His left eye looks like it's going to pop out and he has a huge chest area, almost like he's fat in the front. I put in Melafix because it says it treats Pop Eye. However, on even closer inspection, there are little threadlike white...
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    Panda spawning!

    I thought my panda had clamped fins, but it turns out she had eggs! I can't find any if them, and I think I accidentally buried some. I suspected Zombie was female, but now I know for sure! Unfortunately, there's only one other cory, and he's (she's?) a bronze. Can they interbreed? The...
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    Wobbly fry?

    So I went to the town mural to paint, and in those 4 hours Mumma had her babies. Granted, she ate most of them, but I caught the ones I could find. One floated by, beating his fins rapidly. I was like "Aww, the current is too strong for him. How cute!" But he got to the calm side and was...
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    Vacation and other Q's

    Basically, from Sunday until Tuesday, I will be gone. I have a 3+ gallon with 2 week old fry, and one month and 3 week old fry. I also have a 20 gallon. As far as I know, no one is feeding them. What do I do? Will they be fine? How about their lights? Also, what's the youngest age a...
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    Guppy Fry Problems

    So my 3 week old fry are growing rapidly. They're wildly entertaining, peck the glass when I put my face up close, and huddle in a corner to snooze after feeding and lights out. But that's beside the point. <3 I put Mom in the breeder trap, and put the trap in the 3 gallon fry tank...
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    Some Guppy Qs. :3

    I have a bright, school bus yellow female. She is totally yellow all the way through, and her body is slightly transparent (her name is Blondie). I can't find another one for the life of me- all the other females I find have grayish bodies and colorful tails. Does anyone else have a guppy...
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    Choking fish?

    I have watched a fry choke on his food 3 times on 2 separate occasions. The second time (a few minutes ago) he spit up his food- and ate it again, which made him choke. Again. On one hand it's kind of funny to watch (how many times do you ever see a fish choke on a speck of food?), but on...
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    20 Gallon Tank Stocking Status?

    In my 20 gallon, I have: 3 Guppies 3 Kuhli Loaches 1 Panda Cory 2 juvenile Bronze Cories I have a Whisper Filter on there (it's a 30i or something, whatever comes in the kit) and an Aqua-tech 5-15 filter. About how much space do I have left? Thanks!
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    Strong current; bothering fry

    I have no access to sponge filters, the sponge filters I tried to make myself don't work, and everything I've tried to divert the flow or slow it down in my AquaTech 5-15 filter isn't helping. This filter is in a 3 gallon. What can I do to keep my fry from blowing around?
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    Kritter Keeper tank?

    My guppies had 23 fry, so I bought a Kritter Keeper that's about/a little over 3 gallons. It has a Aqua-Tech 5-15 filter on it, and I have it running in the tank so I have an instant cycle. I put my male guppy in there for the moment, since he's bothering the ladies and I need the ammonia. He...
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    They're almost here!

    Yesterday I changed my tank water, hoping my guppies would enjoy it. This morning I thought I saw something swimming along the glass. I did. It was a fry! :D I put mommy in the breeder box because she hides behind the plants and still has a gravid spot. I caught the two fry in a...
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    Danio Problem

    Today I went to get 3 Danios, all of them zebra. I told the guy two regular black ones and an albino, and in trying to scoop up a regular he got the only (what I believe it is) Glolight Danio among the 50 or so zebras. So I have a regular, an albino, and a mystery danio. The zebras don't...
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    Carbon and Melafix?

    I'm getting ready to treat my sick little fish, but it says to remove the active carbon. I have a Aqua-Tech filter; if I take out the pad, what's filtering it? The Biofiber? I thought that was just for the bacteria to grow on.... What should I do? Please respond ASAP! Thanks!
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    Fin mystery?

    I bought what I'm pretty sure is a guppy/endler cross about a week ago. He might just be the most beautiful thing, and I resisted buying two and only bought the one because I was afraid of throwing off my tank. I figured that if I was diligent in my water changes and bought nothing else until...
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    Do I have to put him down?

    My little panda cory is suffering. He wobbles when he swims, he struggles when he comes up for oxygen (I turned the bubble bar up- it stopped without me knowing), and when he gets to close to the current he just blows around. He's so thin he can barely sit upright, and if I'm not mistaken, it...
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    Skinny Panda Cory?

    All of my fish have a nice size- my pandas are nice and plump, and my kuhli loaches have gained size in both length and width. But, one cory is extremely skinny. So thin, in fact, that he's being blown around by the current, helpless to right himself! My fish don't rush to the algae wafers...

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