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  1. KingsPoint05

    High Ph, Water Wisteria Melting

    Looking for help. I started a 30 gallon freshwater planted tank at the beginning of January. Things we're going well for the first 45 days or so and then my plants seemed to take a nose dive. Specifically my Anacharis went first and melted, then my Water Wisteria started thinning mid stalk...
  2. KingsPoint05

    Starting A New 30gal Freshwater

    Starting a new freshwater 30 gallon tank. I purchased a Deep Blue 30 gallon 36Lx18Wx12H breeder tank. My filter doesn't fit the lip. Curious, if anyone has this size tank and what filters they are using for it. Thanks.
  3. KingsPoint05

    Golden Mystery Snail Dead Within 24 Hrs

    I just put a Golden Mystery Snail into my tank and in less than 24 hours his/her shell was upside down in the substrate for more than 8 hours. Any thoughts?
  4. KingsPoint05

    Still Struggling...

    Hello Again...I posted in Mid-December about my struggles in fish keeping. As you may have figured from the title they continue. I've update my aquarium profile but to save you some time, I'll include some specs here. Equipment: 10 Gallon Tank (Dimensions: 20Lx10Hx10W) Filter: AquaClear 30...
  5. KingsPoint05

    Beginner...6 Months In, Need Advice Please

    Equipment: 10 Gallon Tank (Dimensions: 20Lx10Hx10W) Filter: AquaClear 30 Filter Light: Current Satellite Freshwater LED+ Heater: Cobalt Neo-Thermal 50W (Not in Use) Plants: Amazon Sword (RIP) - Looked good for a month or so and then the leaves started turned translucent in waves. Banana Plant...

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