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  1. ForceTen

    Disappointed With Fluval/AquaClear

    I ordered an AquaClear 70 filter from Amazon when I was putting together my new 40 gallon setup. I then I had a to go into surgery right in the middle of the build. I was able to get substrate and water in it before I went to the hospital on Nov 1st. The motor failed when I got home and we...
  2. ForceTen

    5 Options With No Clue

    I have a 40 gallon freshwater tank with a marine type LED fixture. Its the Fluval Sea with Bluetooth. It has 5 individual colors to choose from. The default/manual setting is half way for all 5 colors. I have no live plants, I have sand and 1 dozen tigers. I want to keep algae in check. So I...
  3. ForceTen

    New 40 Gallon Tank Questions

    I have a new 40 gallon set up. Been running with fish now for one week. I also have used a sand substrate this time. I am already seeing algae growing on the top of the sand. Can I just turn/plow it over like gravel. Like I said, I have never used sand before. I have a brand new...
  4. ForceTen

    Aqeuon Aquariums Beware!

    The $1 a gallon sale took me to Petco online and then to the store to pick up a 40 gallon tank, stand, and LED fixture. Day One: Washed 100 lbs of sand and added a few inches of water and then I see the chipped glass at the bottom of the tank. Had to tear it all down! Day Two: Returned tank...
  5. ForceTen

    Pool Sand/Sand vs Gravel?

    I just bought a new 40 gallon tank today. I have never used sand before and from what I hear on this forum most people really like it. Seems its appearance is the main attraction and I do agree. Other than appearance, what are the pro's and con's regarding sand as my new substrate. Fresh...
  6. ForceTen

    $1 Per Gallon Sale

    Petco has the $1 per gallon tank sale going on. I just placed an order. Just wanted to let everyone know about it. Order online and pick up at store is another 10% off.
  7. ForceTen

    Flake Fish Food

    No sub forum on fish food so here it is. I have 12 small and medium size tiger Barbs all by themselves in their own tank. I have been using “TetraPro Tropical Crisps”. These round flakes are designed to float. They are crispy as well. Designed to help keep the tank cleaner than regular...
  8. ForceTen

    Where Can I Find 29 And 39 Gallon Long Tanks?

    - and buy 29 - 39 gallon long tanks? I am guessing 30 and 40 gallon are not the correct description? Nomenclature? Seems they are not very popular as I have been looking for them with little success. Second question: Do they make stands for long aquariums? Third: what about long tank...
  9. ForceTen

    Aqueon Pro 300?

    My 100 watt heater quit working so I bought the Aqueon Pro 300. Now I know 300 watts is way more than I need. But the 300 watt was on sale and less money that the 75 watt. It was $25 on sale at My tank is 20 gallon and it looks like 200 was the correct size, but I now have 300 watt...
  10. ForceTen

    Am I Ready?

    I just finished cycle last week and introduced 4 Tiger Barbs. I want 12. The four barbs are doing great. Eating and swimming very well. I put them in last Weds. How soon would you get the rest? Oh.......Water parameters are excellent.
  11. ForceTen

    Ph 6.0 To 6.6 In 24 Hours

    I have been with low PH for some time now. Tap PH runs at >7.0 give or take. Tank was at < 6.0. Long story short, I bought some limestone flat rocks. I was surprised at how pure white they were and very porous. Also quite crumbly. They are designed as bases for living rock in salt water...
  12. ForceTen

    20 Gallon Tank How Much Ammonia To Add

    Using fish food to cycle my tank is not cutting it. I cannot get the ammonia levels higher than .50. So, I bought some ammonia and plan to use it. Question, as every internet source says something different. I added 1ML yesterday. (1 drop per gallon) Tested ammonia today and it was still...
  13. ForceTen

    Question Is There A Problem With My Aq 50?

    I lost everything as some here may know. I am attaching a video of the bubbles coming from the discharge on a AQ 50. It has had bubbles before from the beginning. They look worse/more now since the water line is lowered. Is this normal? I have two sponges in the bottom stage and bio material at...
  14. ForceTen

    Help Loosing 1 Fish Per Day

    I'm going to try and make this post as simple as I can. Here goes. 20 gallon tank with AguaClear 50 filter. Double sponge and biomax. Tank temp set at 78F degrees. 1) Changed substrate (gravel) with fish present. 2) Added one new fake plant. Fish present. 3) Rearranged rocks. Fish present...
  15. ForceTen

    Seachem Prime And Treated Water Storage

    For years I have stored untreated water in open containers to top off my tank. I have recently treated this stored water with Prime. Yesterday when I poured the treated water into the aquarium, there was a white scum that had accumulated in the storage bottle. I removed the bigger mucus...
  16. ForceTen

    Pelletized Limestone (garden Supplement)

    Well, I am chasing PH. Tested PH a couple days after a 50% water change. Was at 6.0 PH. Tap is about 7.5, so it is rapidly going down. But has never dipped below 6.0 on the color chart. My question. I have some pelletized limestone designed for a garden soil supplement. Would it be safe to...
  17. ForceTen

    Fish Are Invisible With Natural Substrate

    I have 9 Tiger Barbs. I have natural river gravel substrate. The Barbs are almost invisible against the rocks and substrate. The substrate needs to be a darker color. A mix of my current substrate or a Complete color change? Can I mix a darker gravel with natural stone gravel or should I...
  18. ForceTen

    Basic Air Pump And Stone?’

    I keep my 20 gallon tank full. So there is little if any water fall effect. Today during my weekly vacuuming and water change I am considering a bubbler system. Can anyone suggest a quiet pump and an air delivery stone. I want to hide the tubing ( do they make straps to hold tubing to the...
  19. ForceTen

    20 Gallon Tank Low Ph For 9 Tiger Barbs

    My water test yesterday produced these results. PH - 6.0 Ammonia - .25 Nitrites - 0.0 Nitrates - 10.0* Tap Water PH - 7.6 My last water change was last Saturday and I did 20%. I do this once per week. The previous water change (last week) I had a higher PH reading. 6.6 I think? I don't...
  20. ForceTen

    Question Natural Lighting Simulation

    Crazy idea. But here goes anyway. Is there a lighting control product that mimics real life lighting scenarios? For example. Lights go on and off via timer. Same timer device ramps light up and down as it would be in nature. No sudden changes either on or off. Then could simulate a cloudy...

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